Upcoming Harvest?

I have three blueberry autoflower plants that are just finishing up week 10 (day 70). Two of the three seem like they have a few more weeks left however... After closer inspection...it looks like the trichomes on one of these plants is right around where it needs to be for harvest? Take a look at these pictures and let me know what you guys think any comments are welcome!Image_2020-05-20 09_59_08_998.JPG

Plant #1

Image_2020-05-20 10_01_04_485.JPG

Plant #2

Image_2020-05-20 10_01_58_863.JPG

Plant #3... This is the one I believe is super close to harvest?
Image_2020-05-20 21_17_32_361.JPGImage_2020-05-20 21_17_44_907.JPG

This is what I could come up... Can you tell anything by the pictures that I have so far. Otherwise... I have to go find a Jeweler's loupe somewhere.