User Etiquette for Giveaways/ Competitions Promotions.


Staff member
There have been a few times now that users have complained about giveaways, competitions, promotions etc.

No business /advertiser HAS to provide you with FREE items, or partially free, or competitions, or giveaways,

There has been a overwhelming sense of users who feel entitled to free items and will voice this entitlement to advertisers in inappropriate manners.

There has been some issues with how users are treating our advertisers, should they not like a product, or perhaps the user is upset with how the giveaway is run.
There's is no need for posts of such nature.

If you don't like how something is run, don't enter.

If you are questioning whether someone is a genuine business, you can contact the staff we have approved and vetted all advertisers but are willing to listen and help you should anything be an issue.

This is non negotiable and if users continue to act in such banners they will be barred from all giveaways.