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    Helloder1234 New Member

    hi I'm new. I couldn't find any topic related to vapes this is the closest I've found.

    So I'm here to ask if anyone has any recommendations for good vaporizers I can purchase? I am looking for a portable one that you can use regular weed or oil in it. Looking to spend max $150. I am looking for a small powerful one it doesn't necessarily have to be super compact I just noticed that the portable ones are about $100 cheaper and I don't want a gigantic bulky device.

    I have no knowledge of vapes or how to use them, I have used a volcano once. I have smoked for many years and I want to start smoking in the "healthiest" way possible lol.

    Is it better to order one online or buy one from a store?


    Kcbscrogger Well-Known Member

    Just google vaporizers.
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    Helloder1234 New Member

    Yeah I'm doing that and it's really confusing lol.

    vostok Well-Known Member

    The solo is good

    I 've LOST 2

    one in a rental car the other I dunno?

    so after getting some really really bad news I got a Davinci

    and am wrapped lemme post some charts:

    [​IMG] THC Absorption Method.png

    Using Your Vaporizer Effectively.png

    As you can see the vapes are a lot healthier and you got to save a SERIOUS volume of weed

    roughly 3/4 of what goes into a bong, maybe a half thumb nail of bud each time goes into the vape,

    I have used the DIY typr from a soldering iron but too many burnt fingers on that idea

    the best I can say is that its very different from what I'm used too and very very mild
    check it out, now on sale in most good shops heres my motivation:

    I score this Vinci at 8 outta 10, as for the easy lost crazy assessors that don't work on the solo 6 outta 10, the DIY with the soldering irons 3/10

    good luck

    ps here:
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    BongLord420 New Member

    i tried da vinci and and 50 other vapes in the past and they are not good vapes are crap in general im yet to find a decent one

    beautyring New Member

    All the small, portable vaporizers I've used pretty much suck. They always clog and it's a nightmare maintaining them. I pretty much use oil with this tank called the Aspire K1. I power it with this little battery called a Vision Spinner 2, and that's perfect for when I need something portable. It's minimal smell and very clean and easy to work with. I like the flower itself more, but I just can't fine anything really small that actually works well . . .

    Hazy_Nights.DC Active Member

    I don't think I ever vapourized..

    GuyLeDuche Well-Known Member

    I used that same tank and battery combo for a while, I think the K1 is the best of that type, but I wasn't really satisfied with the eye-crossing power until I went to a sub-ohm setup

    PICT0157.JPG This is a good cheap combo ( here is one place that has it for $40 minus the 18650 battery)

    I agree with @vostok about the Arizer Solo, I liked it alot for flower but for a heavy daily driver the battery charging got old lol... I went with a flame powered VaporGenie for $55, it's super simple and easy to maintain and with practice you can easily vape at whatever temp you like to get the desired effect at the moment :)

    vg classic.jpg

    Edit: I forgot to add that you can always toss a chunk of oil right in that "chimney" on the VaporGenie and it simulates a "healthstone", easy dabs on the go ;)
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    vostok Well-Known Member

    some months since I posted the above: and I must admit of the 5 of us,

    I'm the only one still on the vape

    it seems the flashier, more expensive vapes fold up or are just not good enough, for long term use

    I've stuck with my cheaper older model and glad I have

    the recharging and cleaning is a drag, but like the musketeers of the west practice makes perfect

    I confess to using my bong 50% of the time
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    GuyLeDuche Well-Known Member

    Yes, I still smoke a fair amount too. I love tasting the strains through a vaporizer, but I get better sleep with fat bong rips ;)

    vostok Well-Known Member

    I got myself into the shit as...

    I watch the movie, I toke on my vape

    by the end of the movie I'm so fucking wasted

    I'm beyond .......way beyond couch potato ;... the movie again what I say to my babe

    as I lay back in my seat the vape inches from my mouth

    toking when required often too much

    I loose track of shit

    joints and bong.. rule for me as I blast them outdoors

    ....from now on maybe


    malicifice Well-Known Member

    I just got into vape. I got the vapium summit+. It was 150 so in your price range. Better on the lungs that's the main reason I got it. No more wheezing all day and shit. Better than pipes, no smelly resin fingers and ashes all over the toilet. There is a learning curve to it but once you get it figured out it's fine.
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    Just Let Me Be Faded

    Just Let Me Be Faded Well-Known Member

    MFLB. Can't go wrong, I've had mine for years

    evergreengardener Well-Known Member

    my volcano all the way best vape i ever used will never turn back deff not cheap tho
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    vostok Well-Known Member

    not exactly portable either
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    Chunky Stool

    Chunky Stool Well-Known Member

    Hitting my 3+ year old PAX right now. Little fucker is a trooper!
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    vostok Well-Known Member

    This is True: but cause of its size, you need a special place(quote Putin) for it

    evergreengardener Well-Known Member

    yea it aint little man never really leaves my bedroom tho i do have a travel case for it and a power inverter for it so it runs in my truck which is handy when i go camping

    rollyouron Well-Known Member


    rollyouron Well-Known Member

    LMAO My wife does the same thing! I look over at her and after 20 hits shes passed out on the couch!
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