Vert(600+400) 5 plant, from Ukraine with love


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Brilliant! I've been growing vertically very similar to this for many years. Look in the vertical section.

My recent work;
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Hi, Bro! Thank you so much!

Yes. looks like! But not really)))

Then you'll see how simple everything is, and everyone can do it! Ahead: drip irrigation from Sedan in 15 minutes, growbed ..... not such as you used to see .... and many interesting things !!

Excuse my English head, I hope you understand me))


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Transplanting plants without stress, "one touch", from Sedan.

This is my invention. I use this method for 2 years.

We use any plastic container. The tanks you need ......



The main thing: holes on the entire surface of the pot. Do not forget to remove the light-reflecting cloth before replanting.

Mix soil


Not more than 20%

Pressing clumps

Perlite and vermiculite 10+10%


Now a "One touch" transplant, from Sedan

Take the pot

Remove the protective fabric

all. Now, through the holes, the roots will develop a new area. Without any stress, the plant does not notice a transplant. For out or auto plants, a very convenient way. I do not change it in another way.

Further, "Double one touch",
From Sedan
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I live in Colorado.

Your work and mine are similar. I admire your efforts, especially the ingenuity you show using inexpensive equipment and materials to get such great results!

Ukraine is no easy place to live. I'm impressed that you are doing so well in such a place!

Bro, Thank you from Soul!
You do not say so ....))) shorter

We have a saying. "Голь на выдумку хитра".....How do you explain?))) .... At the rich in gold, the brains turn into cotton wool))) Poor always in search of an exit ... so he is smarter and smarter))) if you understand me)))

The depths of the soul, like a person in pain, are hard to find !! I love black music and old school))))

Once again, Thank you, bro, for your support !!!
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