VERY low potency weed, no idea what caused it

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    Thanks, I'd really love to get my wife blistered - |= {_} [ |< cancer, man! Thank you, again!
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    I decarbed 3 oz of trim and popcorn {90 minutes @ 200F in the oven}, then cooked it down in 16 oz of coconut oil for a few hours in the crockpot. 2 Tbs works wonders in a brownie mix. You don't want to eat two unless you have a lot of time to be high. I still have most of the oil.

    And never lick the spoon.
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    When it comes to harvest time, WILL one week actually make that much difference?
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    It was not really foxtailing I think, or only very slightly, and I have had pretty bad foxtailing before but I still could get high off the weed, it was probably less potent but not this bad. The buds were a bit more fluffy than I expected them to be though, which was probably due to the heat.
    Maybe I harvested too early, but it had some amber trichomes already so I figured it was ready. I guess I didn't really pay much attention to the other trichomes, when I look at it now I see that a lot of them are probably still clear, but I always have had a hard time deciding whether they're clear or cloudy/milky, so I'm not sure.
    I also usually cut off a bud early to test, even as early as 7 weeks into flowering, and I always got high from it, while it seems like this weed doesn't get me high AT ALL, even at higher doses.

    I certainly did not overfed, maybe I underfed a little, probably at the end, as lots of leaves turned yellow and I flushed a week longer than I planned as it took a bit longer to finish, but I doubt it was a big shortage of nutrients for a long period of time, I can't really imagine that having that much of an impact on the potency, but who knows.
    Thanks for the sympathy. Too bad you're not my neighbor lol.

    I dunno, I never had any problems with it. I haven't grown a lot of different strains so far though, didn't want to risk it going wrong, so far I mostly just stick to what I know. I mainly chose this one because of the ease of growing and the supposed resilience, while normally still ending up with a decent smoke, although now I wonder how resilient it really is. I got some freebie sour diesel seeds with my last white widow order though so I probably try those out soon.

    So you can smoke that shit? Because I don't really like ingesting weed, and if I do, it's certainly not a substitute to smoking it for me.
    I wonder if it's going to be that potent when I make a concentrate out of it though, as I also smoked some hash that came off of the gloves I used when harvesting the plants, and that didn't seem to do much either, and normally that shit blasts me off to space.
    I guess I might just try this out with a small amount of weed, would it work with 75 proof alcohol or is that too low?

    How did you dry it and how long did you dry it for? I can't imagine that making a big difference in potency unless you let it dry really really long or at very high temps or something.

    Yeah possibly.

    That's the biggest worry I have, as I still have 7 seeds left of the same package that I'm planning to use eventually, so I hope it's not a genetic problem or the ones I have left don't come from the same plant.
    And I also have 2 clones of those plants that are growing now and are probably soon ready to start flowering, I sure hope it's not genetics or my next grow will be fucked up too.
    How would that work though, if you have a plant that's producing seeds and some of those seeds have killer genetics can it happen that some other seeds of the same plant have shitty genetics? Or do you think it was just one plant with all shit seeds that just slipped through the cracks of quality control. (assuming they do quality control, I'm not entirely sure how they operate)
    I'm wondering if they might have mixed up some seeds and put some in the wrong package, they sell high cbd low thc seeds too, which this weed could very well be.
    It certainly is very low thc, but of course I have no idea about the cbd content.

    I would say if you're adventurous, lick the spoon lol.
    I once made a chocolate weed cake and ate all the leftover batter that was stuck to the bowl i mixed it in. Goddamn was I high that day lol.

    I guess it probably can make a lot of difference, but not always. Afaik you usually have an optimal harvest window of about 2 weeks, meaning if you harvest anywhere within those two weeks you're fine, so if that week falls within those two weeks that one week longer or shorter isn't going to matter a lot.
    But if it's already at or over its peak and you wait a week longer I'm sure it can be very detrimental to the final product.

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    Fuck, I just bought some weed in the store as I really want to get high this weekend and this shit weed I grew apparently isn't going to do that for me, turns out after 2 joints this stuff isn't really getting me that high either. I wonder if I broke my brain lol, no more getting high for me apparently.
    Or more likely, they just sold me some overpriced shit weed. :(
    either way I'm even more bummed out than I was before.
    Fuck our govt for allowing weed to be sold in stores but not allowing them to buy their stock legally so there can't be any quality control whatsoever. FUCK them. Goddamn, I'm so pissed off right now lol. I need some real weed to relax.
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    Maybe you need a week break to get your tolerance back in line. I've cut way back on my smoking the last 4 weeks due to a spot of trouble I found myself in, and I get high as fuck when I do smoke.

    Weedmonkey Active Member

    Maybe but I doubt it.
    I don't really smoke THAT much most of the time. I smoke often but not that much so I doubt my tolerance can be that high atm. And my tolerance is usually back to normal or at least close to it in 2 or 3 days of not smoking.
    I tried smoking a lot more of this shit than I usually do but it doesn't seem to do a lot, even at pretty high doses, so I doubt that it's my tolerance.

    And as someone suggested in this thread that it might just be some shitty 5% thc weed, I doubt it, must be a lot lower than that if there's even any thc in it at all, as if it was 5% just tripling the dose would make it the same as 15% weed which I'm sure is weed that would get me pretty high, even at reasonably low doses.

    I guess I could try to take a tolerance break and hope that even though this clearly is very shitty weed it might get me reasonably high after the break, but I HIGHLY doubt it, pun intended lol.
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    You grew a male?
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    Dr. Who

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    Better strain.

    Try ghost OG from
    Easy, forgiving strain. Likes a bit less N and more K.
    Blasting potency, with better taste and buzz - long lasting too.

    There are tons of things out there to do better then WW.....
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    smoking/vaporizing straight everclear will get one stoned too.:spew:....for thought. be safe please

    Weedmonkey Active Member

    I'm wondering now, is it even possible for a plant that has decent genetics and seemed to do fine the whole time while growing and has seemingly well developed buds to virtually have no psychoactivity at all? Or is it more likely a genetic problem?
    I'm sure that you can fuck up the potency of the best plants big time by doing a shitty job at growing them but I would imagine you would surely notice that in more areas than just the potency, like buds not really developing well etc.
    If it was an environmental problem it must have been the excessive temps at times, so did any of you ever experience it having such a big impact on the potency? And I'm really talking virtually no psychoactive effects at way higher doses than I would usually smoke.

    I'm really worried that it's a genetic problem now as I'm growing 2 clones of those plants atm, and I still got seeds left from the same batch which I'm not willing to ditch just like that because I'm poor as dirt and I hate throwing away things anyway unless I'm sure there's no other way.
    I guess I just have to wait for these two clones to finish flowering and I will find out. Gonna be a long sober wait lol.
    As for the seeds I guess there really is no other way than just trying them out, as I was assuming there's a reasonable chance that they're coming off of the same plant but now I'm thinking that that might not be the case at all. I have no clue how they process and package their seeds so who knows.


    I can't find ghost OG on their website. The website gave me flashbacks to the 90's though lol.
    I doubt I'm going to buy anything from them. The website is a big turnoff already, but I'm from the Netherlands and I probably wouldn't feel comfortable to have seeds shipped from so far away anyway.
    I'll probably switch to some other strain soon though, but I was actually drawn to ww due to it supposedly being an easy forgiving strain that can handle cold and heat a bit better than others, and until this fiasco I have to say I had the impression that that was true, never really had any big problems with WW until now.
    Lol. Sure, go smoke some alcohol. Word on the street is fire and high proof alcohol mix very well together.

    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    smoking alcohol comment was pertaining to using booze to extract then smoking that shit. as in dont do that

    and yes, one little mess up in flower could stop your needed uptake and adversely affect your outcome effects without any visible signs of issues depending on maturity(plant, not person). in fact whenever I've dded even one additive I read about here my plants have done the very same as yours. not from seed, but copies of copies ran hundreds of times, then wham look at the notes, yep added suplhur, calcium....for a big finish fail.
    or of course someone could have sent you the wrong seed, but know this: I've grown hundreds of freebies, cup winners, no names, auto's, etc and the only ones that didnt stone are the high cbd varieties. good stone bad stone sure, but they all stoned.

    I believe the responsibility of your misfortune rests in your hands.
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    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    It's there. Greeny calls it OG KUSH now and next to it. (Original S1 Ghost cut)
    The Ghost is the first result in the breeding of OG. That was a project to attempt to breed a strain that resisted PM for growing along the N coast of Cali.
    While the quest to make a PM resistant strain failed....It did give us THE OG and the still great "ghost" cut.

    The debate still rages. What does OG mean. As of late. I heard that it could be both! Original Gangster and Ocean Grown.. It's been said (source lives in Ukiah) that each have there own cut......Hmmm o_O

    The seeds have gone from there to here for years. Bout time you guys get some from here.
    Green is discrete and prompt. He is safe to buy from!

    Anyway, Do what works for you.
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    I literally read your title and immediately thought "heat" ... After reading like a paragraph in your first post I'm sticking to it. Heat destroys smell and potency but the grow still looks great until you chop.
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    Ok read most the thread now... Definitely heat man. To put your mind at ease i taught a buddy to grow. Used half a pack. He refused to modify the grow room to drop the heat so i didn't argue. Let a monkey learn how a monkey learns. Looked great growin. had no smell no taste no potency super fluffy. I asked him again if he wanted to listen to me next time around and the other half of the pack came out great. You CANNOT have temps above eighty degrees without co2. Not even for a day. Will a day destroy it? No. But if you have it in your mind eighty is unacceptable EVER you will guarantee this doesn't happen again. Good luck on the second half of your beans. They still have potential.
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    I saw something written about letting the alcohol vaporize, which if it works should leave you with product that you should be able to smoke or am I missing something? I would just be worried about the alcohol not being vaporized completely and then burning my lungs by inhaling burning alcohol vapor lol.

    I guess I'll just assume it was my mistake and not genetic then, sounds the most plausible judging from the reactions, and if not I'm really fucked. I just put the clones I took from those plants in flowering so I will find out in 10 weeks or so.

    Thanks for the OG history lesson lol. I had no idea about any of it besides the name. It's ocean grown for me lol, calling weed original gangster just sounds ridiculous to me. But then again, with strains like trainwreck, girl scout cookies, white widow and whatever else they came up with it could very well be the truth I guess lol.

    Green is expensive! lol. Just looked at the prices. I can't buy shit there, way too expensive for me atm.
    I try to do what works for me, but I'm sure I don't really know what really works for me yet, so I'm always open to suggestions. Problem is I'm poor as fuck so I gotta play it as safe as possible and do it as cheap as possible, which doesn't leave much room for experimentation.

    80 degrees fahrenheit? Isn't that only like 27 degrees celsius? That's not THAT high is it? Temps in my growcloset definitely were a lot higher.
    I really gotta do something about the temp in the summer I guess, but I'm not sure what, I'm poor so it probably has to be a low budget solution unless I rob a bank or something.
    And the shitty thing is that somehow the temperature was not as high as it is now a year ago or so, they came to renovate my place and after that the temp was a bit higher in my grow room, I'm still wondering what exactly could have caused that.

    smashcity Well-Known Member

    Forgive me for such a long reply, but...
    This is a very valuable lesson that you have encountered this go round. I will say this, there are a multitude of factors that come into play when determining the final outcome of product. From personal experience(and I will provide an example shortly after), genetics, heat, the amount of water and how often plants are watered, relative humidity, and humidity when drying all play a significant role in your final product in terms of smell, shape, and potency. Take East Coast Sour Diesel and its crosses for example. ECSD when grown relatively well in optimal conditions, can be some of the best smelling, tasting, trichome engulfed, and skull smashing herb that one could ever hope to encounter.

    Grow that same ECSD in the summer without a controlled environment (ac, dehumidifier, etc.) and I can guarantee that you will have nothing but hay smelling buds with a bunch of hairs protruding out of calyxes that just never swelled to their potential, a vastly evident reduction of trichomes, and a dissapointing high to go with it. You probably wont even be able to give it away. When I first started growing, I never believed in the term "finicky plant" or "rate of difficulty" talk until I actually experienced it. My mind set was cannabis is just a weed after all and it will grow wherever. LOL the days of being young and dumb.

    Anyhow, This happened to me one summer while growing out an ECSD cross from cannaventure and then again a couple of weeks ago growing out Gu's Garlix. Both crosses were grown in the winter with amazing results. so stellar that I revegged and began working on backcrosses and crosses to the plants that leaned toward the ECSD side trying to lock in traits that would result in more ECSD leaning phenotypes when popping seeds. Well it's official, I just harvested and dried 2 different phenos of Garlix, One leaning diesel and one leaning stardawg. Both foxtailed but the diesel leaning ones are just atrocious in looks, smell, taste, and smoke. For this reason, I have to make a decision... Either I run ECSD crosses in the winter or just give up growing ECSD forever. I think I'm going with the latter. Too many strains out there that will yield better results in harsh conditions.

    When it all comes down to it, maybe WW is a finicky plant also? who knows? but some plants do better in harsh conditions than others. You can do one of two things. Find a plant that thrives in harsh conditions OR manipulate your grow environment to accomodate what your plants thrive on.

    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    how would one know that all of the alcohol has been removed? If so though, yest , fine to smoke.
    I see people vaporizing straight alcohol and cant help but think when I see booze as a solvent for extraction, and
    hear "its the best ever" I have to believe vaporizing alcohol is fun for them too.

    QuarksRSmall Well-Known Member

    To people that say you can't hit 80 degrees, I wonder why all the cannabis grown around the equator is so damn good? I guess that nature hasn't learned that it is impossible to grow good cannabis if it is over 80 degrees without extra co2. I am not trying to fight, just point out that that statement might not be 100% correct.

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