Video: Queensland detective stuffs drug money down his pants

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Video: Queensland detective stuffs drug money down his pants

SEPTEMBER 28, 2014

Detective steals money from drug dealer during raid

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While stings on the “drug granny” have twice featured on A Current Affair, footage of the disgraced detective during a 2012 raid was only recently posted on the internet.

The Sunday Mail has obtained a full version of the video, which shows Stirling stuffing drug money down his trousers.

Some officers questioned a Queensland police decision to allow Stirling to resign when it had formally dismissed others for similar and less serious offences. Alarming accounts have also emerged of Stirling’s state of mind during his time as a senior investigator, including suicidal and homicidal thoughts amid severe depression dating back to 2005.

The Sunday Mail can also reveal a chequered history that includes being sacked once for an alleged drunken bashing of a rape witness and a probe by the corruption watchdog over his fingerprints allegedly being found on a drug lab.

No charges resulted.

But Stirling’s supporters said his acclaimed work investigating murders, gangs and drug syndicates meant, as one put it, “on balance, the state is still in his debt”.

Stirling checked into Belmont psychiatric hospital after learning of the Crime and Misconduct Commission investigation into the drug money theft in August 2012.
A psychiatric report details Stirling’s plan to be jailed and die at the hands of an inmate.

Psychiatrist Alston Unwin wrote that he questioned whether this was “a ruse to escape reasonable and just punishment” but concluded that Stirling was “in fact quite deluded”.

In court, the Crown asked that Stirling, who allegedly pocketed $1000 and who pleaded guilty to stealing as a servant, serve two years’ jail, suspended after nine months.

Magistrate Ray Rinaudo gave him 200 hours’ community service.
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