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    Howdy y’all, just been getting acquainted with the site. I’m posting here on organics to see what anyone has to say about Vital Earth. I’m almost using their entire line-up, except for HiBrix, Instect Frass, Nitro Guano, Local Hummus(Cali Gold), and Local Compost. Get at me OG heads.

    Little pic of my tea brew readings
    pH 1DE74D3E-6F7C-4283-B987-7E392F24C974.jpeg PPM 6F603B37-13CD-4E97-8435-B2FA6DE1C5C6.jpeg


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    Thai_Lights Well-Known Member

    Lol your hydro store must love you.

    Colonel.Fourbin Member

    Undoubtedly, and i love them, which is why i give them all my business. And for that they give me great fucking customer service; plenty of stuff on the front, extended open tab, great info on new and bunk products, network with other growers, unofficial trimmer agency, etc. They're not your typical growshop at all. Plus, the more i spend the more i can claim in expenses for my "farm to fork catering business", for which i buy all this grow stuff and a light dep greenhouse so i can grow my crop(veggies&fruit) quarterly for my business and have a full-season menu (;

    Support local business yo


    HalfBee Well-Known Member

    Actually they have a good line of products for the organic gardener, but
    have only tried the dry amendments (VitalChar & Baseline) and their brand
    of seabird guano. Sure they go heavy on the teas (drink the koolaide)
    but read the ingredient list and find am getting within state microbes & fungi.

    Colonel.Fourbin Member

    Thank you for your 2 cents halfbee. I'm definitely looking at getting a self-sufficient closed-loop system going on my land. Try and make my own ferts, nutes, fungi, etc..
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    DonTesla Well-Known Member

    I don't like em, myself.. but I do like your mission, thats for sure! Welcome to organics brethren

    Gonna be a great journey

    The frass and compost might be ok, but I see you have frass already, how do you like it!

    Colonel.Fourbin Member

    Right on, I'd love to know why you don't like them. Thanks for the welcoming! I'm ready for some earthy-terpy buds!

    And the insect frass is great, i love it on my cereal or some french toast. loljk

    This is honestly my first round with this whole line-up so i have no basis for comparison. This is also my first round on this farm as lead-grower, where they've been using vital for over 4 seasons now. Which is why I posted this to get an idea if changes need to be made to the recipe, and see if some of this pricier stuff is necessary over more cost effective options.

    Like I've said, one of my goals is to be my own supplier by making as much of what i need for the farm on the land. End goal is closed-loop no-till living-soil organics.
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