VIVOSUN Giveaway for VS1000 LED Grow Light*2

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Hey everyone,

We are going to find two testers for our:weed:VS1000 Led Grow Light.:weed:

VS1000 LED Grow Light *2
:leaf:Valid Period: Sep 15th-Sep 25th
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3. Share your opinion about VIVOSUN products in the comments

:leaf:How to select the winner: We will select the winner in a random way. The number on the upper right corner of your daily participation posts is the number of your participation in the lottery.

:leaf:What the winner needs to do: Share your review post and 3-5 high-definition pictures of the prize on Rollitup with hashtag#VIVOSUN and @VIVOSUN Official

We also provide some other types of high quality grow light, choose the one you want:
Don't miss it!:clap::clap::clap:
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Currently running 3 #vivosun tents and have to say these tents rate up there with the big name high dollar tents at a fraction of the cost. The high quality materal of the tent and solid structure will give you years of use. Throw in the fact of high durability add to it loads of cord ports, vent covers and, viewing areas paired with quick delivery and value makes Vivosun tents quite literally the most bang for your buck.
I give it a score of;
Matereals:9.5/10 (average for similar economy 6)
Design appearance:9.5/10
Light leak:8/10 (average for similar economy tent 5)
Smell leak:8/10 (average for similar econ. tent 6)
Overall: 65/70
Average: 9.2**** Try one today!


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Already following from the previous contest like this and again no rules other than bare basics listed.

Does this include Canada?

I'm using a Vivosun 2x4x5'h tent that was great value for the money as is the 8" inline fan yet to be installed while I wait for the 6" to die.

A Vivosun light would make it a trifecta! :)



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I have some vivosun scissors for trimming. They are great. Love the blade curve for getting around buds. Haven't had the chance to try out anything else.
I got a couple pair of the titanium bladed ones. Best scissors I ever used! I started out with two 600w HPS kits on my first grow before changing over to LED for energy savings. But they gave me a great start and fit in my beginning budget. Still got them!