Wake n Bake, Nothing Better!


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give that bat to a vet, let them test it for rabies......
That's probably a good idea. It is still there, which I'm amazed. Normally anything like that gets eaten.

I just did some research...They apparently only want to know if they have that white nose disease. This one looks healthy, so I just got rid of it.

I gave up on rentals. It's all junk. I just buy what I need and sell it when I'm done. Owning a drywall jack is lifechanging lol
Or Harbor Freight is good for the "once in a great while tools". I needed to mix up about 30 bags of mortar, while refacing the foundations on 2 houses, and I bought the large cement mixer from HF. It paid for itself on that one job...Mixing mortar by hand sucks. My friends have borrowed it more than I have used it. Or a 50' commercial drain snake was cheaper to buy at HF than calling someone to do it.


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@Jeffislovinlife You were right, the chainsaw needed to be serviced. I have gotten bad about servicing some things, and the chainsaw is one of them. It's a 20 year old Craftsman saw, that I just use occasionally. Good peppy little saw. I don't think I EVER cleaned the air filter. It was idling high the last time it ran so I was thinking the carb had an issue, but when I took the cover off and saw the air filter, it was pretty bad. Cleaned it, checked the plug for spark, and it fired right up. Too warm to finish cutting up my trees today though!!

Wow it's 5:13 on 5/13


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Hey, I'm back somewhat..still didn't acomplish much putting down the keyboard and picking up a rake.
I think all this yardwork makes me too grumpy and tired to be sociable.I'd catch up every 3 days or so, but missed out on the groove.
It just seemed dumb to interject or :cuss: something 3 days after.

Any word from @Rsawr? Kinda worried about her, hope she's just dealing with the house.