Water cooled COBs

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    You mean this line:
    So this is proof that leds are at the very best only 25% to 30% efficient?

    Just stop the insanity man. You made a dumb remark based on your incorrect assumption that 683lumen is 100%. Accept your loss and get on with it. You learned something. See that as a plus instead of making yourself look even dumber.

    Either way, you CAN run these leds at 40% efficiency up to 60%. So whatever we use is our own choice.

    Seriously, it cannot be hard to understand this concept. You being able to switch on your computer and all.

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    Yes - in a coolmac system the lamp = radiator and can be used during the winter night to bring heat back to the grow room.

    The condom is only a simple test to demonstrate the amout of produced heat and a confirmation for coolmac led systems and watercooling in general.
    Too many advantages for watercooled vs. aircooled.
    It will need time to become awareness, that nobody buy aircooled cars - since decades.
    They are all watercooled - only for the reason, that high temp. can destroy the motor.
    Same problem - same solution.
    Global heating - would be no problem if you just watercool it.
    Bringing water to the desert and using plants as natural aircooling systems would be great.:weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed:

    No later than Trump tower and New York get wet sockets - some Americans will start to wonder why middle west is so dry and New Orleans so wet.

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    When I cooled my COB LED modules with cold water they failed to adequately warm my space.

    Soooo I'm not sure why everyone still thinks LED is so inefficient?

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    Couple things... Can you point me to a design of an ICE that ever used air cooling? More like "different problem, different solution".

    As for global heating not being a problem if you just watercool it... the oceans would like to have a word with you ;)

    You should really educate yourself on the front of PC watercooling, might give you a different perspective on things.

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    :dunce:Sorry i feel a little bit trumpy with that :o:o:o:o:o:o:o - should i point with my finger on the wall to Mexico ??? :finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger:
    ...and who will pay for the aircooling ??? ...for shure the Mexicanos !!!

    ?????????????????????????? DO YOU LIKE ICE CREAM ?

    Since many years i sit and educate myself in front of my pc.
    And yes - watercooling gave me a different perspective on many things :fire:(:
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    ICE = Internal Combustion Engine. Context always helps.

    Shugglet Well-Known Member

    I feel like you hear me, but you clearly dont understand...

    But all things considered, youre generally on the right track, you just have a tendency to meander off the rails from time to time when it comes to the details.
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    hey man :peace: - in my land ICE stands for intercity express. (fast railway)

    There is no ICE in an ICE except in ICYwinters - and sorry - for the many stinky fingers.

    They were really all pointed to the wall of Mexico and may be one or 2 to the asshole

    of your orange, blond super leader. :spew::evil:.

    I owned an aircooled car till 2010 - something like a VW beetle, but a bit different (:

    :arrow: smart cooling is not a detail rather than a main issue in led tec .........and this world.
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    ALRIGHT PEOPLES! I've been scrolling through the pages of this forum for weeks now, toying with ideas about different DIY light setups. Could someone please give me a rundown of the different options available to a grower with respect to liquid cooling? Is it really as simple as getting some 2"x1"x(whatever length) aluminum/copper rectangular tubing, plugging the ends, putting on hose adapters and hoses, securing cobs and drivers, and running water through with a pump from a reservoir? I'm trying to figure out the math of the size of reservoir/should the reservoir be inside/outside/ do i need to actively cool the reservoir/ etc.. I'm looking for a combination of your personal experience and maybe a little bit of advice with respect to my own situation..

    2x2x4 tent, looking at 200-300w cob setup, trying to determine what kind of cooling will be best.. I'm sure a lot of people will just say to passively air cool it..But the simplicity and effectiveness of some of the setups i've seen scanning this thread have me looking in that direction. I apologize of all of this has been covered somewhere on this forum before, but my patience with scrolling through these threads and following the semi-incoherence of them is wearing thin.. HALP!

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    alright guys.. here is a design i sketched up last nite.. Given that I already have the mini fridge, which i don't really use, I'm thinking this setup might be a good way to keep things inexpensive and keep the temps in a perfect range.. LMK what you think.. too much hassle? Would a pump work when placed in a 35 degree reservoir?

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    Guys, does anybody know the name of the thermal paste lofty used?

    It looks to me like it came off nicely as he reused all those waterblocks.

    I have heard stuff like the Artic Silver Thermal Adhesive leaks the surface covered in hard glue thats very hard to get off - which would make the chips/chambers kind of non-reuseable.

    brewbeer Well-Known Member

    It's not clear to me that you need the fridge, but if you do, I'd pump directly from the res in the fridge and eliminate the other res and pump. @ttystikk can probably provide input regarding the chilling water temps needed to keep the cobs cool.
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    Yea i thought of that, but the fridge is kind of small inside, and i was also concerned that the fridge might overcool the water and create condensation on the coolbar/cob assembly.. Will await ttysticks response..
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    lol, prepare to have your concerns destroyed. Cooling a light with a minifridge setup like that will not work.

    Minifridges barely work to keep a rez cool...

    You are way overthinking this. A simple PC radiator will effectively shed the heat of a system that small.
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    Because he's using Epistar/Epiled COBs and/or much higher wattage in general
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    The goal isn't to get the reservoir to refrigeration temp, only to keep it below 75.. I'm not sure what exactly you're trying to say.. Refrigerators keep things cold.. This isn't up for debate lol.. It's a matter of whether the fridge has the capacity cool the reservoir to the levels needed to keep the temp where I want.. I haven't done any math and I'm not really sure how to go about approaching it yet.. I also don't think I'm overthinking it.. I'm trying to keep costs down by using what's available.. If the math works out so that I wouldn't even need the refrigerated res, all the better. I haven't looked into PC radiators.. I'm not opposed to it though. If it would be cheaper and more effective overall, i'm open to it.. I did ask a question just prior to my most recent post asking for help on a more general level.. I appreciate your input shugglet, thank you.
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    You should look at how cool your cobs need to be. There may not be significant difference in cob performance between using cooling water that is 40F vs. water that is 120F. If the cobs will perform acceptably well using 120F water, you won't need the fridge.
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    Shugglet Well-Known Member

    Put it this way, I have 4 120mm fans on a radiator taken out of a small window AC unit capable of cooling ~365watts of cobs to roughly 7-8degrees celcius above ambient.

    IMO the performance gains arent worth it. Likely use more in electricity trying to actively cool the input water below ambient.

    In your situation it may be easiest to simply get a large enough rez that it can passively cool during lights out. In that same vein, the larger amount of working fluid in your setup, the less youll have to do to radiate the heat out of it. Catch my drift.

    Always happy to help.
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