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    i am going to try to make weed milk. i read this somewhere and i think im ready but i need some help. Ok so your suppose to put 1 oz leaves or 3.5 buds to 4 cups of milk but i only have half an oz of leaf so im using 2 cups of milk. Your suppose to heat it up in an oven on medien heat for about an hour. My question is since im using leaf will it be less potent? their mostly fan leaves with some thc covered leafs that where cut around buds. The milk is suppose to extract the thc when its heated up im guessing im suppose to seperate the leaves from the milk in the end. any advice would be great.
    If there is anything else that is easy to make with leaves please let me know.
    The milk is for a milkshake =:clap:]

    Also i wanted to know if there is anything that can be made in a microwave.

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    It possibly can be done in a microwave, but i dont recommend it. That milk recipe sounds logical, although i havent made it. I think the sugar leaves are pretty good to use pretty potent. Hell they make hash out of them they must be potent. I would also leave the leafs in because it would make it more green and lovely especially if your blending it.
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    I wouldn't have thought that there were enough saturated fats in the milk to absorb the THC, but post your results and I will try it if you confirm it works.

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    Well its been about 2 hours since i consumed the mixture and i have not felt a high yet. i used half ounce of trim to about 2 cups of milk in the oven at about 250 f for like an hour the milk only barely got close to boiling. i made the milk into a milkshake which consisted of - the weed milk, a bannana and some choco mix. Anybody got any ideas as to why im not high? i drank all of it. pretty good.

    If i do end up being high later i will be sure to let u guys know.

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    You need to cook it four hours. And you need to strain the pot out of the milk. There ate lots of great recipes for this right here on this forum. It's called bhang or stovetop bhang. If made right, one ounce will get you high for like 3 hours.

    Kushafornia Member

    Damn i must have not left it for enough time. I will try again on my next harvest.

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    I did this a while ago. We call it milky way where I'm from. We used about 2 pounds of really low quality weed(not dried) and a gallon of milk. We put a pound of weed in the milk and put it on the stove on really low heat until half the milk evaporated, then removed the weed and put in the second pound, then wait until we were left with just a quarter gallon. The rule of thumb is to wait on really low heat until the milk is a brownish green. It took us about 5 hours, the house smelled disgusting and the taste was also very bad(even though we mixed it with chocolate, honey and sugar). I drank about 500 ml and it started to kick in after about 2 hours and i was high for about 8 hours when i went to sleep(it might have lasted even longer)

    Mekoo Member

    Also, get the milk with as high fat content as you can find.

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