were can i get some bud here in Kauai.

i have run out of bud here in Kauai im on vacation and i am looking to det some but there are no dispenceries were can i get some that is close to the waipouli resort? (side note) i have neropithie and im in alot of pain... please HELP!!!!!


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Hey brah, I don't know if there are any regulars on here from Kauai. I'd guess your best bet would be to cruise the beaches or touristy areas and ask some locals if they know where you can find some pakalolo. You can ask them if they know where "Pakalolo Beach" is. That was one of the more creative ways I heard a tourist trying to score. I don't know about Kauai, but locals are generally very laid back about weed even if they don't smoke. Just check the bag good. I doubt you'd get ripped off on Kauai, but I know places on Maui where you could get sold some bunk weed. Good luck brah.