What are you smoking today?


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Feeling blessed for my current headstash:

Cinderella 99
White Gummy (Bubblegum x Jilly Bean x OG Kush)
Peanut Butter Breath
Blue Cookies x MAC

And just added these today:

Mac Burger OG (MAC 1 x Donny Burger x Paris Larry) (13 grams pictured)

Pebbles Punch (Fruity Pebbles OG x Purple Punch) (13 grams pictured)

Sir Napsalot

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My friend brought me some Huckleberry that was grown indoors by the company he works for, but which got thrown into a partial reveg after an employee fucked up on a light timer along with 4 other plants so he got them for free and finished them outdoors (minus one he gave me)
It's better than anything I grew last year


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Time to have fun
5 strain in there fuck him high

Found my nug smasher collecting dust clean it up
And let squish those pheno i dont love still all fire !16422683248153905932591107026372.jpg20220115_123625.jpg20220115_123610.jpg
Strawberry banana cheese that wone turn golden !
I keep a mother just to squish it the taste is perfect rosin .


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Slurricane - Kolab Project I was given a GC for Xmas to my local weed store, and picked this gal up. THC was measured out at 29.8%, according to the package. Sweet taste with almost a sugary strawberry like taste to her. Now, I’m a huge fan of Dosidos, grown twice and so far a Top 5 all-time strains for me. So I was expecting this to knock me out, but it didn’t. I’m a little weird with my weed right now after Omicron, so will give another go soon. Although I was able to sleep without my brain rambling on worrying about random shit. So I thank it for that relief, because I haven’t slept well for like the past 2 weeks since Omicron.


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Hazemans Elephants Stomper...and i thought weed cant get you O.D, i defo need to get back the only female clone i gave away. Strongest strain i have ever tried so far, not sure if because i have less sleep yesterday or i have not smoke any for quit awhile, or the water bong made a difference. But sure the other night its the best strain in the bed lol. But last night definitely wasnt fun at all.


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Ran out of White Gummy and Blue Cookies x MAC.

Down to about 2.5 grams of Cinderella 99.

Just added White Rhino, Super Lemon Haze and NYC Piff.

Pics coming soon


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NYC Piff (not the greatest batch, poor ass trimming too, but still smells beautiful - havent smoked it yet)

White Rhino....i had never tried this strain (only crosses of it) and let me say it tastes almost like schwag (I guess thats earthiness?)....but the effects are truly amazing....this is a strong indica (not knockout though) but extremely relaxing - I love it.

Super Lemon Haze.....this is my first time getting this cut of it....also not nearly as fresh looking/good looking as the dispensary....but this cut tastes better....more lemony flavor, less woodiness....same high, which I love.