What is your favorite strain at the moment (growing & smoking)?


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Wake of the Dragon (Dragonsoul x Blueberry Temple) from Strayfox. Incredible to grow even better to smoke. Smells and taste are off the charts.
i've tried WOTD herb when it had <20% thc. just found an amber oil cart (not my preference) but i enjoy the amber oil essence.


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Got a few different strains going and smoking on.
In flower is an old stand-by AK-47, seeds from 2009, got a different (danker) pheno than 11 years ago. Delahaze x Bovine Judas, strange new strain that works nicely for day time and night. Just chopped a few days ago Amnesia Trance from AMS, not a bad strain but haven't smoked as it's curing. Then Mimosa, Cannatonic, Delahaze, Cannalope Haze, Dutch Kush, Super Lemon Haze, GG#4xWW, Unknown short bushy kush, in the grow or in jars. A lot of old strains, gotta try some other newer strains someday.
Did you get the Bovine Judas X Delahaze from Adam?


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My recent tent grow just finished getting the chop, freeze dried and tried. Loving my ale on hello Haze/Bruce Banger from Seedsman but my jam right now is Amnesia Lemon Kush from Garden of Green. Take 2 bowls of this, music on some headphones, dog for a walk and I’m in pure bliss. Turns out I had one extra garbage can for growing in the backyard and sure enough I started another seed for Amnesia Lemon Kush. Along with a clone of a Lemonchello Haze and Moby Dick from Dr. Seeds. Also a good smoke with an intense 30-45min high but doesn’t seem to last long on me but munchies galore.


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Just chopped down sugar candy from delicious seeds, definitely taste like sugar, has that indica calming effect but not couch lock, overall I like it, would grow again.

Short flowering time 50-55 day's was ready before that even but I like amber trichomes.


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Pineapple express for me.. total annihilation of anxiety and wonderful mood booster perfect for day and night


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im growing two Holy grail kush's but was growing a white rhino and a glueberry og...cyclone came to my town and i lost power for two or three weeks...gave the two plants away to a mate who put them outdoors. they are budding nicely. My holy grail kush seeds were about 6 years old, glad i kept them in the fridge cause they popped!


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I wanna see a concert with Amnesia Lemon Kush when they become a thing again. Loved her so much that I popped another seed of her for an outdoor grow attempt. Just the most mellow of mellow moods in me, goes great with music and makes yellows/oranges POP in front of your eyes



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This gorrilla glue is my most vigorous plant and probably my favorite to grow so far.(that tent has some early ancestral skunk from a problem plant drying in it. Tasty smoke bitchy temperamental plant.
20210515_022842.jpg20210519_033009.jpg This is one of my blueberries. This pheno has been a pleasure to grow and reeks of a berry balsamic vinaigrette. I've got two more sativa leaning blueberries but I'm not super impressed with them so far.


Violator Kush (Dan's Craft Cannabis) / N / N / Southern Ontario

Best smelling/tasting weed I've had, hands down.

Waiting for this lady:
I'm calling it The Riddler, cause I have no idea what it is. Super Stoney body high, lemon lime smell for days


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i grew out two seeds of violater kush from Barney farm. One was squat and all crystally bud. Once dried and cure though it was the worst weeds ive ever grown. I got rid of those clones one guy i gave one guy some of that weed and he wanted to get the bikies onto me saying i dosed it with something. I popped one more seed to see if they are all like that and gave the cured dry buds to a mate...he said it was the best weed he ever smoked. not sure if V kush from barnies is the same genetics as dans craft cannabis.