what seed banks work right now! ??

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    SoundGarden9 Member

    i just tried choice/attitude and it didn't work i used visa since they don't take master card anymore. then herbies didn't work either i called my bank and the number on my card and they said i should have no problem they said i can use the card internationally without registering it or anything. in the past I've had to call bank to verify it was me but this time i couldn't even place the order to be declined my bank said i wasnt declined at all and i the bank said everything was good to go my bank is wells fargo tried a few times can anyone point me in the right direction I've never had a problem till now very frustrated

    eastcoastmo Well-Known Member

    Seedsman, Seed City, Herbies to name a couple.

    althor Well-Known Member

    Choice definitely takes Visa, Attitude I THINK takes Visa.
    Just dont select debit, even if you are using debit, select credit.

    swagslayer420 Well-Known Member

    Naturesgreenremdies, cinnamon, fiestas, castle seeds to name a few.

    Mr.Beanz Member

    I've seen lots of people have issues with ordering but mainly from the U.S.A and if your Bank is declining it then I bet they knew what website you was ordering maybe...

    The only time I got declined was because I tried to have it shipped to another address and not the billing address learnt from my mistake.. :wall:

    DoctorJackalope Well-Known Member

    Herbie's takes Visa and MasterCard; my sister ordered a three pack from them a few days ago and her's worked.
    exodus mission

    exodus mission Well-Known Member

    Sea of seeds are deffo working just bought some sour grapes :hump: can't wait,,,, thanks to mr beanz my missy is going to kick my ass :| thanks bro
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    Hlusaf Well-Known Member

    Get a money order and go to Great Lakes Genetics, great selection, freebies and fast...

    amgprb Well-Known Member

    You did have funds on the card, right :D
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    bellcore Well-Known Member

    I made an online purchase from Attitude on 4/17 for the 4/20 promo and paid via a well fargo VISA card no problem.
    EDIT: There was also a separate $2 international currency conversion charge from wells fargo.
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    imnotme Well-Known Member

    I just ordered with a mastercard from http://quebeccannabisseeds.com/ However, it showed up on my statement as Quebec Cannabis Seeds. I have never had that happen with any other bank. Anyone know if this is a serious problem? Legally I mean.
    I also ordered from True North today with a mastercard. I used to use Nirvana but it will never take my card (the visa, I know they dont take MC)
    exodus mission

    exodus mission Well-Known Member

    Thats messed up :(

    imnotme Well-Known Member

    Yeah, they were recommended by a person on another forum who neglected to mention that part. And I just got an email from them stating that one strain I ordered had an issue and asked if I wanted a refund or to sub any other strain. Im hoping they turn out to be legit but the bank account thing concerns me,

    althor Well-Known Member

    Could be, if someone wants to make it so. I am sure mastercard will have to report it and I would think the bank would try to deny the payment since banks refuse to deal with the MJ industry.
    Lo Budget

    Lo Budget Well-Known Member

    That merchant name sucks, thanks for the heads up.
    Mastercard/visa, et. al; process thousands of transactions per second. Unless there's a problem, it's doubtful if any humans besides you see it. Still fucked up, though.
    Sunny Organics

    Sunny Organics Well-Known Member

    ATTITUDE aka CHOICE is a great seed bank right now. i order from them like every other 2 weeks haha, i just really like their reserva privada promo going on atm ( that purple og #18 and dna kushberry FIRE! ). they hook you up with 4 710 seeds as well, not too dank but can be used for concentrates.

    FIRESTAX is the way to go as well!!! ive had 3 orders with them 2 of them got to me in 4-5 days, and the one recently got to me in 12 days. all orders were packaged really professionally. nothing like choice, they give you the seeds in regular plastic bags that you dont even know if theyre legit till you grow them ( but they are legit lol ). their freebies are ALWAYS FIRE. one thing for sure firestax doesnt mess around, they only carry straight up fire.

    not going to lie, im a seedcoholic... goodluck bro and stay lifteddddd! :bigjoint::peace::leaf:
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    Mr.Beanz Member

    Something I would always do before making an order...

    Telephone or email the Merchant/Company first if no response then pass good customer service is a must (:
    If they do respond ask before ordering what is the Company/Merchant name seen on the transactions.
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    Hlusaf Well-Known Member

    My Score...Cheers, Frens!

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    yodabuds Well-Known Member

    @imnotme man I'm sorry bro, that's fucked up right there! It's sorta like the last order I got in the mail from femaleseeds.nl they write freaking seeds on the customs declaration... Wtf are they thinking? Nothing like a red flag! Thankfully they came through and they were sent to a safe address as I would've been mortified if my nosey ass mailman saw that package....
    Whatcha get at least? Hope you get some fire!

    imnotme Well-Known Member

    I got my order from NGR today, super fast shipping, ordered Monday. Got some Louis XII OG and Blue Dream from them, they threw in some Nana's fix. My Quebec Cannabis Seeds order was shipped on Monday, besides the bank statement name issue, I am looking forward to the orders arrival. Brainwreck, Blue Widow, PPP, Azura Haxe, and Durban Poison. From True North (with the insurance, hopefully it makes it) I ordered Purple Haze#1, Big Devil fast, Dedoverde Haze, and Cherry OG. Lots of great options, all feminized seed.

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