What seedbank should i rely on to Victoria Australia ?


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just wanted to make an edit that dr.greenthumb sells the G13 in five packs now feminized. One friend in OZ had good success with them outdoors. His mailings are stealthy but I have also ordered ace seeds and cannabiogen seeds from herbies head shop and they always got into Australia. I have no experience with attitude or demon seeds so I can't comment. I've purchased taskenti, panama,golden tiger, and malawi from herbies after hearing that they'd do pretty good in Australia. Makes for great presents to friends in the community!
bump this ... southern star seems a bit pricey but when you include the amount for stealth shipping etc its about the same as most overseas companies only problem i dont like the layout of the website and not much information is given to the customer ... Yield size of the plant whether its better suited for indoor or outdoor

Im considering wither southern star or herbies hmmm anyone help me out here ???

Also looking for a easy first strain as this will be my first grow if anyone has any suggestions ?


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I've made 2 orders. Sos and herbies. Sos order arrived today (8 working days) and still waiting on my herbies order.


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Late update. Herbies did a re send as my order never arrived. The re send came thru though
Also did a single seed via standard shipping and that also arrived safe and sound first time around.


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Ive recently tried Seed City and have been very impressed with their stealth. Their customer service is top notch too. I placed an order with midweek song this week too, will keep you updated when/if it arrives.


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I know it is 3 pages deep now, but Sannie's is SOLID for shipping to Aus. They unfortunatly have a smaller selection than some big names.

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Hi Guys, The Vault - www.cannabis-seeds-store.co.uk delivers worldwide which includes a lot of Australian customers. We include stealth delivery and guaranteed delivery as standard at no extra cost, we will get your seeds to you :)

Here is a link to some FAQS but feel free to ask me any questions here. We also have live chat on the website too!