What size pump for a drip system 6 x 1/2id 5/8od fed by garden hose

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    NewGrower2011 Well-Known Member

    I've got a DIY manifold in the works here. It's 1/2" components throughout; I could perhaps make the backbone of 3/4" so the supply side is larger than the individual outlets if I have to, but have the parts in-hand ready to glue for the all 1/2" version of...

    I plan to get 6 of those black hole hydro drip rings with the 1/2 barb... The manifold has 1/2" pipe threads so I can feed via tubing or with an adapter on each end (manifold and pump) I can just use a garden hose (current plans).

    Question I keep pondering is what size pump to use? I've been using a watering wand with a 396gph pump in a 5gal bucket and it takes forever for even 6 plants... Instead I want to setup this drip manifold and use a timer, with a pump that can at least drive the 6 site version.

    I'm also looking at whether or not I need regulators... cheap enough... I've seen the 2gph ones for 1/2 tubing...

    Any suggestions/feedback on (A) pump size, (B) do I have to upgrade the manifold backbone to 3/4" and (C) use regulators or not and if so what gph....

    SwitchHitter Active Member

    Use a sump pump, ball valve between the res and plant sites to control pressure. Have a blow-off line shooting the excess pressure back into the res. I'm doing it and love it

    NewGrower2011 Well-Known Member

    Mmmmm... so you're suggesting to overpower and use this 'blow off' line to relieve the excess pressure. Interesting concept.

    Still, how big of a sump pump? 1/2hp, etc? I'm also trying to keep the physical size of pump smaller since it displaces water and my rez in this case isn't going to be huge... 20 something gal. Brute tub...

    I'm also looking at whether to purchase drip rings ($4.80 each x 6) or just use some PVC parts and scrap (cheaper per drip ring, have parts in hand!)... A diy drip ring from tubing or PVC looks like it'd be just as effective. The heavier PVC ring would stay in place better due to it's weight I"d imaging.

    Can the drip ring lay on the medium itself or must I keep it elevated?

    NewGrower2011 Well-Known Member

    Where would this concept of a 'blow off' line need to be placed - i..e as part of manifold itself, right before manifold (say at a T - one to blow-off one to manifold) or down near the pump (seems less likely)...

    For these pumps, will sitting there running against resistance do any harm to them? Also, how important is to go with say one of those higher-end Danner Mag Pumps versus your typical EcoPlus type of pump...

    NewGrower2011 Well-Known Member

    No suggestions on an actual pump size? I'm pretty sure the 300'something I'm using now won't cut it.

    Still on the fence about buying drip rings vs a DIY drip ring from PVC parts...

    NewGrower2011 Well-Known Member

    In case anyone finds this thread useful later, I had previously used a 396 EcoPlus pump in a 5 gal bucket (or larger container).

    I ordered a 7 series Danner PondMaster (Mag Drive) - which is 700 or 750 gph - and it sucks the bucket dry in a matter of just a few minutes. I probably would have been fine in the 500 range for this purpose, but once the flow is coming out of the manifold (all 1/2" PVC based and the pump outlet is 1/2" itself) I've got a good steady stream - not a powerful/forceful exit velocity... just a good steady stream.trickle...

    VanIsleJay Member

    I use a 633 eco pump for approx 12 plants with three 1/8 in top feed hoses per plant, the feed off the pump is a 3/4inch line
    I now run two of them feeding two sets of plants so I have a harvest every 5 weeks
    My reservoir holds 120 litres
    I've got a thread in the vert section
    Budley Doright

    Budley Doright Well-Known Member

    I used an Eco 396 to power 16 spray nozzles and it worked great, the nozzles were threaded into 3/4 pvc pipe, I have also heard the rings can plug up pretty quick but I only tried a drip setup once and had lots of issues with blocking.

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