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    Hey Guys,

    Welcome to my grow journal. I've grown a few times when I was a kid, but never with any success. I recently got back into growing when my friend gave me a couple of plants that he had already vegged and I flowered them. Being it wasn't really planned out, it really didn't go as well as it could have. I ended up over-fertilizing them and barely finished flowering. I didn't know much about nutrients at all at the time and had very little help from friends except donated nutrients and a few tips. The smoke was good and the high was decent considering it was free.

    So here I am again with my new crop that I started on 08/09/08 The pics were taken today on 8/19/08. This time I have 2 x White Widow and 2 x Purple Kush clones. My intention is to keep one of each strain around to mother future clones. The two plants in the similar pots are the White Widow clones. The bigger potted plants are the Purple Kush clones. I have my grow area set up in my closet in a 2 x 2 space with an enclosed fan with ventilation entrance and exit sides (Its a sliding closet door).

    For my lighting I have a custom made fixture that holds five 2700K 42 W CFLs that put out about 2700 lumens each. I made it out of some wood boards and some cheap materials from ACE Hardware.

    As for my nutes, I didn't want to burn my plants this time, so i'm sticking to a strict diet as laid out by Advance Nutrients. I really like the idea of sticking to one brand at a time and seeing how well it works. I might try Canna next. Who knows. My nutes during veg are as follows:

    Advanced Nutrients 3-Part Fertilzer (Grow, Bloom, Micro)

    Advanced Nutrients Carbo Load
    Advanced Nutrients pH Down (When needed)

    My feeding schedule is as follows:

    Once a week on Fridays - 3ml of of AN Grow, Micro, and Bloom mixed into 3 liters of mountain spring water, 3ml of Carbo Load. The doses will increase from week to week.

    Every other watering done during the week is with plain Alhambra mountain spring water or RO water. I decide to water based on soil dampness and/or wilt. I water 2-3 times a week but only once with nutrients.

    I have yet to check the temps and humidity in the room. I keep the fan on 24 hours a day with jugs of water sitting open in the room to create some moisture in the air. I just switched the lighting from 24/0 to 18/6.

    So, there it is fellas. I'll try and update this daily. Its about a week into veg and I can see new growth. If anybody wants to recommend any additional nutrients, tips, comments, observations, please feel free.


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    Day 12 of Veg:

    Ok. Quick correction. There are 3 White Widows and one purple in the group. The Purple one is the small one in the corner on the right. I just fed the plants today and I noticed some new growth up top on all the plants. The White Widows seem to to be blowing the purple away though. I will post some new pictures later today or tomorrow as well as other info...

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    Looks great man. If I may, I'd suggest some Big Bud. That one makes more difference than anything else I've tried.

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