Who's Got The Fostiest Buds? Let's See How Frosty A Bud Can Really Get?


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God's Jack Herer - Jordan of the Islands // had my first taste today this is a keeper! I immediately went to the website to buy a few packs (this was from a freebie 5 pack) but honestly this one is so good I think it might be a waste of time to try and find another. I kept a clone of this and will run it again soon.

Harvested - Jan 5 & hung (16C and 55%RH)
Into Jar - Jan 8 (68%).. open lid monitoring and burping
Photos - Jan 12

Fuji XT2 2021 Jan 12 Image 13924.jpg
Fuji XT2 2021 Jan 12 Image 13942.jpg


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Lights come on in 15 I'll try and get. Better pic
Thanks for sharing! The community would love to see your hard work a little more clearly. If you can, try taking a closer shot with more light on her.
Apparently I'm new to photography too lol in order
Polar vortex, Hiawatha (never heard of it freind gave me a clone said he paid big money for seeds cant find any info on it) last pic is platinum zookie