WIN! Four Packs Of Anesia Seeds' Auto Future #1 Up For Grabs


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Hey guys. Happy Friday

After such a positive response to our last giveaway, we wanted to offer four of you lovely bunch the chance to win a pack of 5 Auto Future #1 from Anesia Seeds. A friendly grow with a potential 28% THC content, one of Anesia Seeds' iconic strains just became even better.

To enter:

1️⃣ Follow our RollItUp page

It's that simple! If you're already following, don't worry - you'll be automatically entered.

Please note: we're running a separate giveaway for the same prizes over on our Instagram, so if you want to double up your entries, use this link!
Thanks for playing guys and have a great week
Done, thanks!

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Im not entering this one since I already won. And I would love for anyone who hasnt tried to get their chance to at this giveaway. I won the Bola Mintz on the last giveaway on 4/20. I also ended up adding some Captain Future at the same time which is a hybrid of Captain 1. I cant express how good the customer service and communication is at They have the most impressive collection of seeds on the net!!!! Especially high THC strains! Be sure to look at their catalog and add a couple extra packs of some excellent genetics if you win!! The guys will be happy to combine an order with your winnings. You will not be disappointed!
What a lovely review, thank you so much MedicalOutlaw - this is why we do it! Absolute pleasure dealing with you and hope to send out many more orders to you as time goes on :)

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Hi all,

We'd like to announce winners for our latest giveaway. When randomly picking (via the highly scientific method of names written on paper popped into a hat), we accidentally drew five out and then felt too bad to put the last winner back so there's actually 5 winners instead of 4


Congrats guys, we will DM with further details!

Thank you so so much to everyone that entered and is now following. We are trying to increase our presence on RollItUP amongst you guys and you are all making it such a nice process. New giveaway on Friday so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Big ups!

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