Women in Music

esh dov ets

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Here i will post the best females i have found in music.

A few years ago i was walking with a friend of mine. We are guys talking about music we like and have been listening to and i mention something and he says "and i bet its all dudes" or something and i think it was some metal band with a female bass player but it got me thinking and then it became a challenge and i enjoyed this new journey of music discovery. It's been 3 years or more since that conversation and in the past two it has really picked up and my music streams have been tuned to it but i have noticed a real girl power swell not just in music women are getting louder in the arts or more likely just getting turned up more as in published more.

i will skip Gwen Stefani and Adel for now as i don't think anyone is not already familiar. But i will come back though to Florence and the Machine and Ms Mr who i started to tune in with.

Anyone is welcome to post or post about anything relevant to the title.

esh dov ets

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i have to restrain myself, here are some more + a couple more posts today then more later.
Tei Shi - "Bassically"
Grimes - REALiTi
Sarah Fimm
Ellie Goulding- On My Mind
Lucius - Two Of Us On The Run
Astrid S
Kelela - Rewind
Tami T - I Never Loved (Remix)