World's first cannabis cultivation trial


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The ones in gravel will probably do best because the lights are closest.
Take a closer at the gravel. There on guppieponics.
And look like they will either die or start showing defects pretty soon there very thin on stems.

cannabis plants can't live on fish shit there ain't enough in it.
The system has inherent defects. As well But the builder won't listen.
1 if plants survived and grew to say 20 inches the return pipe will block with roots.
No it won't he says. "I put a bend in the bucket."
LOL that's gonna confuse the roots.
Yes like fuck it will.
2 it floods the place every time power goes down
This is quite often in Zim.
3 the fucking whistles and bells taps and feeders look good an that's about it there in the way and wrongly placed. Having to be adjusted or plants were dead when he walked away. Only needed a 4 mm drop head feeder.
4 A 200 litre water filter for fish shit come on. This was a needless addition.
What happened was this guy came and saw how we put the Dutch buckets together. Then copied spending a fortune building in needless additions to make it look good, but forgot about the he basics of building a system.
A fucking welded steel support bar for the the feed pipe.
There was wood used on ours and wood waiting for his.

Then he tells me he is going to hold the plants off the system till they got to 100mm tall LOL
Said do that and you won't even get on the system

Then he tells me he's grown weed before.
LOL fucking landràce maybe, hybrids don't do what landràce does.

Oh and guess what where's the fucking fish food.
There fucking starving as nothing has been left.

This system is highly unlikely to complete.


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The words inoptimal and useless have two very different meanings. Not that I'd expect a retarded stoner to understand :weed: But hey you just invalidated every human and animal trial ever conducted sans twin studies, shouldn't you be collecting a nobel or something?

It's certainly not perfect, but phenotypic and genetic variance is just that - a variable itself. Testing only a cultivar or two may only reveal a grow system most optimal for those specific cultivars, as compared to marijuana as a whole species. Not that I think that's really a significant or likely drawback. Regardless, if that bag of seeds he posted is representative of the number plants they'll be running then I'd say their sample size would be plenty large enough to account for that variance. Just like in any other properly designed human/animal trial that doesn't rely on 100% genetically matched participants :mrgreen:
This is getting pretty weird buddy. Sure everything's alright? You don't grow Cannabis or haven't read any scientific papers regarding agriculture or plants biology. If that would be the case you would immediately stop making a fool out of yourself coming on a growers forum with old fucks who's been reading up and practiced this for decades.

You youngsters all seem to believe you understand everything about the world and that science got all the answers. The more self study and reading you do the more you understand how much we actually don't know in terms of scientifical knowledge.

Be humble to elderly and people with a life's experience. We're not all slow boring inactive old people like the typical stereotype. Together we're all a plethora of knowledge.

Come be a part of the group but first you need to stop thinking you're an expert after doing a couple of Google searches. Your own ego is eating up your reasonings and understanding.


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Day 13 of the world's best cultivation system trial in Zimbabwe.
(Had to change title, politics)
Getting only a 60 percent germination rate sort of messed up the plans a bit. Would have been nice to have been pre warned "Oh they are old seeds" and I asked for them a week before so I could do a germination test.
One thing in Zimbabwe don't have an emergency. Things are not done at speed out here that's for sure.
Plants are just showing a lift between second and third set of leaves.
Venensia's are showing a bit of stretch so I took the shade netting down.
And Clive's. Well, leave that to your thoughts.

Yes we have a mutant will be interesting to see how she grows.

Anyway had to make a new plan.
Re laid the system giving double spacings for each plant
The little wofty ones in-between
Then will veg these girls larger than normal
And go for monsters
Happy Daze bub



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Differences are beginning to show
Quantum plants have first set of leaves and first set of branches from the same location.
The others have none.
Stretch is another issue.


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I guess the light covers dont come off? Do you have some in dirt so you have a control plant?


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I guess the light covers dont come off? Do you have some in dirt so you have a control plant?
Hi Control test have already been done in soil we have the test paperwork.

Had a look the covers need to be cut off well an truly glued in. If mine start to show stretch I will cut off them off


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Day 14/16 growth difference most of the girls have there roots down growth rate will speed up
There's a mutant and first branches starting to grow.IMG_20210907_151847_3.jpgIMG_20210907_151815_3.jpgIMG_20210907_151800_3.jpgIMG_20210905_063959_3.jpg