Your latest seed purchase?


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Gotta letter in the mail....

I ran the Bruce Banger outdoors last year. Not the fast version. Also ran the Seedsman Gelat OG. Both Freebies. My wife told me to use the BB for edibles. She was pretty fond of the Gelat OG though.


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Mass Medical Strains
-5 Star w/Acapulco Gold
-Prayer Pupil
-Panama Pupil v3 and Runaway Bride as freebies
Useful Seeds- Blackened Oranges
Tony Greens Tortured Beans
-Orange Grapefruit Rabbit Hole + 3 different crosses

And a whole shitload of Bad Dawg freebies I'm getting good and twitchy about!
Great stuff


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Great stuff
I hope my skills are up to my choices. According to tracking, some of these arrive tomorrow. That leaves only 2 orders in process. I haven't hit the confirm order for almost 2 weeks! Does that mean it's time to find something else I simply can't live without? Probably....