Your latest seed purchase?


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most recent seeds i just got in for my next run;
(from ILGM)

G13 - feminized photos
Gorilla Glue feminized Autoflowers

and i’m currently finishing up the heavy hitter pack. and the widows pack.


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Hi Davo, Sorry for the tardiness, I'm getting absentminded (lazy?)...

Anyhoo, got 12 of 13 --- 13 was on its way but I fucked it up by digging.

3 male and 2 herms so far, and the girls are just into pistils right now.

Seeds were small and sickly looking, as were the seedlings...

I thought it was because they lacked hybrid vigour --- so the crosses should be of interest.

They'll be OTH, Chellacutti and possibly Kullu.

I'm waiting to see resin before sampling.

Very thin-leaved sativa --- things are looking good. Pretty, pretty good?

Time will tell...

I'll post some pics, manana.

'Hope you get some of these soon.

Three Berries

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^^^^^ Looks good enough to dip in chocolate and eat! I want to get a pic of the little ones at about 3 weeks in the FFHF. They look more like eating herbs the leaves get so big.

So far the OGK was first out the gate and up but GDP has over taken the challenger at 14 days since the napkin. Both first three leaf.