Zinc deficiency? Burn? Or?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by ColoradoHighGrower, Jan 10, 2018.


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    ColoradoHighGrower Well-Known Member

    @jemstone & @ANC is this done for the microbes or trace elements? I was planning to just flush till chop with plain pH'd tap water, which is currently at ~200-250uS (very clean water here). I also age the water for about 2 days first to allow it to warm up, oxygenate a bit, and off-gas most of the chlorine... Is using pure water/no tea like this not advised for the final flushes? I figured no nutes will force plant to tap into stored goodies in the leaves/roots?

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    The microbes process nutrients already in the soil and transport nutrients to the plant. The trace minerals are negligible to the plant more of home for microbes to do their business.
    There is nutrient deficit because of lockout due to high ppms.
    At this stage water is your best friend.
    I make my own tea, super simple with the right ingredients. You can go through all that trouble of multiple piles but a proper tumbler is the easiest and best way. But it's just way easier picking up some at the landscape shop or just order online. Just don't use a manure based.

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