advice needed

  1. paradox3693

    help, advice, anything that would be useful I would be grateful

    Hey guys, cut to the point, I'm growing indoors in my closet, my lights are 3 LED lights with total of 120watts, each lamp has 40watts, and 4000LM per lamp, that's a 12000LM in total I got a digital automated Timer set for the whole week, for 20H, from 12AM to 8PM. I'm using the following...
  2. F

    Big Speaker Grow Box advice please???

    Hi all, been reading this site for a little while, this is my first post and i am about to venture into the growing game, i've been smoking and paying too much for shit food these days and i'm done.. I need advice from you guys on here please, on the best equipment you can recommend to do the...
  3. O

    Weird lead color otherwise healthy thriving plant

    Hey so I’m on day 23 from sprout 30 if you include germination and solo cup. The plant showed very early signs of being female and grew super quick. I have my nutrients dialed in I believe along with my water source. Heat during the day is 72-78 after the homage carbon filter it’s staying a...
  4. A

    First ever grow and would love some constructive criticism and advise!

    Hello! hope everyone is doing well. I am busy with my first ever serious grow and I have my doubts here and there. Maybe i'm being paranoid because this is period that counts and I don't want to screw it up now. Anyway, first some info you should need: Strain: Royal Dwarf Autoflower Light: 100W...
  5. E

    Advise Requested - Outdoor SCROG, pruning, 2nd top ?

    Hi All, Its great to be part of the community! This post is a bit longer for which I apologize but I have some real noob questions about my current grow and how to take it further Questions: When can I TOP them again? (A) Can I top or FIM the side branches (B and C) ? I want to set up a...
  6. F

    Cotyledons and first true-leaves turning yellow on young seedling; Advice?

    Hello everyone! This is my first time trying to grow indoors, and for some reason my seedlings leaves are getting yellow and brown at the ends. This usually starts at the ends of the cotyledons and moves inwards (eventually effecting the lower true-leaf on this plant). Any advice or tips on how...
  7. B

    Weird new growth, your opinion?

    Hey guys, Been growing this bagseed lady for 10 weeks, already a week into flowering. Lights: CFL 4 x 23W 2700K + 1 x 23W 6500K Medium: Organic-ish Soil(Mix of 2 types of potting soils with included perlite, organic and mineral fertilizers + added worm castings and used coffee grounds) PH...
  8. T

    Flowering week 4/5 advice please. Thankyou.

    Hello Everyone, This is my second post, thanks to everyone who responded to my first. I am first time grower, my plants are In 4/5 week of flower. They buds are still really small, but I think the problem was cheap led lights. I have recently changed the lighting today to 600w hps. So hoping...
  9. Alexander travis

    Light green leaves

    Okay, for context I had to flush the soil in the pot to get rid of vinegar that was killing the plant. (Leaves yellowed originally because of ph‘Ing w vinegar) I had to wait about a week for the soil to dry out. The whole time this was going on this plant has not bounced back in color but has...
  10. V

    Is this mould? Powdery mould?

    Was curious to see if this is mold, and would like to know how to treat it. My dad went ahead and cut off most of the infected leaves without waiting for me to inquire about what the issue might possibly be first. So, id like to be able to help him out. Thanks for all the help in advance! :)...
  11. V

    Update on plants & helping my dad out pt. 2!

    Hi everyone! I haven’t posted in awhile but I’m back. This is going to be an update on the plants and to ask for more advice on them! My dad is NOT tech savvy whatsoeve,so, here is where I turn to this source for any questions he may ask. My dad and I have been giving them nutrients and...
  12. K

    Purple, good or bad?

    My outdoors are all growing nicely, roughly a week into flower. Noticed 2 bud sites that are turning a deep dark purple. Good or bad? Mold? Afghan indica strain, the plant which is showing these traits grew much slower than its neighbors, but looks healthy. In the same location roughly a...
  13. C

    New to soil growing

    New to growing with soil and Organic Amendments and fertilizers im in need of some advice from others who know more then me and i cant seem to find anything on google that can help me out. I have previously grown hydro and synthetic Nutrients but do to the summer weather i cant seem to keep my...
  14. S

    Newbie please help!

    Hi I am new and am looking to start an indoor and outdoor growing space. I am hoping to test which area works better. I am planning on doing auto outside and half auto half photo inside. I have bought 5 lights one fluorescent two t5 bulbs and 4 other LED ones quite like the tautronics (Im pretty...
  15. M


  16. MarijAndrea

    Cloning with Azos-can I dip cutting into powder?

    I’ve been messing around with cloning for a bit now and it did take me a bit to get a few to live past initial root development, I was over watering them I suppose and I had rot kill off a few of my first batches after I thought they were in the clear. Anyways I have been doing some experiments...
  17. Monsterr99

    Need opinions

    Im on week 8 and the top bud looks, i'd say, getting close to ready, but the plant is still shooting pistils at the bottom/gaining mass so i know it needs another week minimum. The problem i have is the girl has gotten very stinky so i have to put it outside(was on windowsill). That wouldn't...
  18. Sweetmesss

    ISO advice: who flower first

    Hi hi, so here is the dealio. I am having a hard time deciding who to flower first. I started from seed. Pre sex indicating all females. ~90 days old 1000w full spectrum LED 10w UV LED 2.5x2.5x7ft Lollipopping Multiple toppings and LST 5 gallon fabric pot with organic soil Room temperature...
  19. Jaahrastafarii420

    Can i start flowering?

    These plants started having a deficiency after i didnt feed them any nutrients (just plain tap water). But after i fed them some nutrients the new growth seems healthy. Now I really want to start flowering them but would that be a smart choice yield wise? Or should i wait till they grow some...
  20. organicgordon

    Blumat with Soil and Megacrop?

    Has anyone used used blumat systems with soil? How easily does it work? I want to be able to leave on trips without worrying about the health of my plants. How tough is it to learn how to use well?