1. S

    Travellers Get Ready to Carry Cannabis into Los Angeles International Airport
  2. Bud1284

    Carrying seeds in your luggage on a plane

    Hello there fellow stoners! I read a few days ago (cant find the post back unfortunately) that somebody managed to travel with 20 - 30 seeds put in his jeans pockets, spread over the whole area of his suitcase. I will also be doing the same very soon, and will travel while spreading them in a...
  3. PicklesRus

    Flying domestic in Africa with MJ in my pockets

    Just wanted to share this story. I was barely 20, stayed at a backpackers lodge in Johannesburg - during the day an employee took us for a "tour", super sketchy dude telling me how to rob cigarettes out of the vending machine and sell them at the airport. Anyway on our walk we were passing a...