1. hotrodharley

    Arctic Permafrost For A Chiller?

    Hoping some engineering minds can post some ideas on using the permafrost 12" under my feet to help build a large scale chiller for a hydroponic legal grow in Alaska. Electricity is sky high here like everything else . Home of the $14 hamburger. Anyway large scale chillers are high dollar to...
  2. Tom Tucker 313

    Some breeders to check out in 2018

    Pure michigan genetics: Tropical seed co: Seeds of africa: Reserva privada...
  3. Tom Tucker 313

    New hope for convicted felons

    Depending upon the nature of their businesses, some employers have traditionally implemented and maintained a policy against hiring individuals who have been convicted of felony crimes. However, after examining this issue, the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)...
  4. alaskaman01

    Greetings from Alaska

    Yes, we grow our own in the Great Land! I'm a retired teacher who has been growing a good strain (Dr. Krippling's Incredible Bulk) for the past 2 years. I'm just starting to experiment with dwc hydro. Any and all advice or other contact would be great!
  5. HolyGhost23

    arctic circle growing..(fully auto zone)

    I happen to live only a few hours drive from Alaska. of course the growing season is short. but what most of you southern folk forget about, is our daylight cycle. you see, from about late may, after the last snow fall, usually may long weekend, the sun begins to hang in the sky and not come...
  6. Akghostbuds420

    MNS Critical Skunk Ak Greenhouse

    Well this shall be my(my dad and i are growing together) first ever grow journal, and I'm proud it will be a MNS journal. We are growing in a heated greenhouse in southcentral Alaska, so It will almost always be slow growing at first. But they will inevitably finish under lights. I won...
  7. AlaskaD

    Greenhouse Alaska, Round 1

    What up everybody, first time posting here but RiU has been useful to me many times over the years, so now I'm gonna give a little bit back to you guys. Long story short I've been growing for years, did a couple years in southern Humboldt county as a farm hand under some very experienced...
  8. akmatanuska

    akmatanuska's 6 strain SOG

    Hey guys, I set up the operation again after taking it down for safety precautions. I planned on doing a giant SinCity Seeds pheno hunt the next time I set up shop but unfortunate circumstances happened and I wasn't able to get a couple tents for veg/clone/mothers so I'll have to do these ww...
  9. elkamino

    Alaskans have rights to assemble & share cannabis, so start your "club" today

    Check out this brilliant and thoughtful piece in yesterday's Homer News by Lindianne Sarno. Her bio says she's a musician, composer, educator, contemporary historian, farmer and director of the Kachemak Cannabis Coalition. Essentially she lays out our rights as Alaskans (under Ravin V Alaska and...
  10. elkamino

    Grow space "impossible" to find in Anchorage, says Realtor

    Here's a solid but frustrating review of the rental market for wannabe legal growers in ANC. From yesterday's Alaska Journal of Commerce. Apparently industrial buildings are already 98% occupied, and ginormous buffers around daycares and churches complicate things further. Landlords willing to...
  11. elkamino


    In the Alaska Patients thread CBD, (, in a now-deleted post, a poster going by DaveBean907 posted: "I'm. Rep for so if you don't like seeds coming to your spot or your spooked I have them here now! Well waitn on re stock" Well honestly...
  12. avyateher

    Looking for LED theory 101.

    Howdy Folks. Newby here in the Great White North. Just finished the first grow using a Spectrum King 450 watt light and General Organic newts. Growing Jack Herer from seed in FFOF + amendments, we produced 22.5 oz dried bud plus 8 oz bud trimmins. Couldn't have done it without all the great info...