1. xIPhobiaIx

    Comparison of Bennie Products... see attached

    Hello, Just wanted to attach pictures of my file (hopefully you can see it) for comparisons of all the different bennie products out there and there cfu/spore counts. Now, take into mind that more strains are not always better and that Bacillus amyloliquefaciens or Trichoderma harzianum are...
  2. Tolerance Break

    How to use bennies+myco in ebb and flow?

    What a fucking week it has been... I started flower on my first grow this past monday (7/26/21) 2 blueberry and 1 white widow in ebb and flow under GLS 300 LED lights w/ Jacks bloom formula and 1 airstone in a 17 gallon reservoir (RO water) I made 2 huge rookie mistakes. I over watered the...
  3. G

    Brownish yellow spots. Help please!

    I noticed these little brownish yellow spots on multiple of my plants today. Started from seed about 2 weeks ago, Ocean Forest and Happy Frog mix. Under HLG 100 using BioCanna Vega and Rhizotonic and following their personalized feeding. PH water after bytes around 6.3-6.5. I’ve had temps at...
  4. C

    Instant Compost Tea??

    What is everyone's opinion on Instant Compost Teas? Ive been using one that I grabbed on Amazon from Mighty Plant these last few months and have been happily surprised with the results. One thing I am curious about, how does this stack up to a traditional brewed tea on a bacteria/fungal level...
  5. C

    Sugar Leaves Looking Weird

    Hey guys, A few weeks into flower on one of my girls, and noticing some weird yellow/orange patches on the sugar leaves on the highest bud sites + some are yellowing a bit. The lower sites are fine, but 4 of my higher budsites have this weird discolouration on the sugar leaves. Does anyone...
  6. S

    White mucus like substance in my NFT Hydroponic System

    Hello, I'm a newbie here. I earlier had success in growing greens using my hydroponic system. Since a few months, I've not been able to grow anything, thanks to the white mucus like substance which build up at the bottom of the net cups, and covers the roots. After discussing it with other...
  7. J

    Chem grow and bacteria?

    does anyone supplement the chem grow schedule w recharge, greta white, or a tea? How do u add bennies to ur chem -grow nutrient system. Im running aero at the moment Thanks,
  8. Doncarloss

    Bacteria culture or algae?

    I have a small res.(5 gal) and I found this around the air stone and it has a very slimy texture to it. Looks like it’s bad for the plants, or am I just over worried??
  9. M

    Red/Pink slime at the bottom of my water catcher

    Fairly new grower here. I put together my own soil mix consisting of compost, blood meal, bone meal, azomite, worm castings, neem seed, bat guano, and rice hulls. I potted it 30 days ago and have been watering it once a week to keep it damp while it cooks. I may have put a little too much water...
  10. T

    Smelly DWC Res Water

    Hey friends. First timer here, so first of all thanks for taking the time to read! I am doing my first ever grow in DWC. Things have been going less than smoothly so far, and I have had a couple run ins with smelly res water. I just wanted to get some first hand advice if I may, and...
  11. OkieSmoke


    I have been trying something new for me. OKC water is horrible for plants, but it is loaded w/ minerals and such. I created a small water treatment plant with two trash barrels, goldfish, and cheap sub pumps and air. The first barrel gets filled with tap water and is aged with a pump and...
  12. kushdaddy1980

    Urb Natural: Whats in it?

    Do any of you guys use Urb Natural? Whats in it exactly? I couldnt find a list of inredients. their website just says" *key ingredients ". i know its humic acids and beneficial bacteria but thats all i can find. Ive heard of great results using this but its Sooooo expensive. Over $50 for a...
  13. N

    Please help - possible root rot or pythium

    Hi I'm new to the site, I just completed my first run without any major issues and had good results. Now in my second run with a different strain they were doing even better for first 4 weeks or so but now I am having a particularly difficult issue to resolve and am looking for help. Plant just...
  14. john wishmyer

    beneficial bacteria?

    i left a bag of bloom booster outside for a while outside and i ended putting t it on my soil and ended up top layering my one of my plants today i noticed the cob web associated with mold. is this good or bad?? it that nice beni bacteria
  15. Maitland

    If I add Beneficial Bacteria to my organic nutrients, will I still need to empty my Reservior?

    Based on the experience gained after my first attempt, I estimate that 18 x (0.4mm) Misting Heads (NM40BH-HF-U1) from "CoolMist Systems Australia" can be used with a 10 Gallon (32 Liters) Accumulator (a.k.a. Pressure or Bladder) tank, connected to a 110 L/min, 6.2 bar (58m head-height) water...
  16. J

    What Kind of Bacteria/Fungi is this?

    Hi guys. This is my 2nd time running into this issue and the last time I said screw it and transferred my DWC plants into soil. I want to figure out what this shit is. I have 2 autoflower plants in a 12 gallon DWC. I use HydroGuard to control bacteria but every time after a couple weeks this...
  17. AnimalMother1974

    Soil organisms

    Lets say you used this pesticide on your soil. Contains Imid and b-cyfluthrin. Would it kill the good/bad bacteria too? Or does it fry just the bugs only?
  18. AnimalMother1974

    Ginger tea for anti-fungal, anti-biotic, pesticide?

    Crazy idea or not? Will the antibiotic, antifungus properties of ginger root be effective in soil to help cannabis roots? I've tried 1 table spoon of shredded ginger boiled for 1/2 hour. Strained it and mixed it with enough ph balanced water to saturate my J1 plant's soil. No ill effects, no...
  19. Morbid Angel

    Enzymes and Beneficial Bacteria

    Hey whats up guys. I want to know a little about enzymes and beneficial's. Specifically Cannazym and Tarantula/Voodoo Can they be used in conjunction? Is there a proper way to maintain both? Say adding Voodoo during veg. Cannazym at the flip and Tarantula after a week, and Cannazym again for...
  20. jungsheezy

    Sterilized Soil, Helpful Bacteria, Trace Minerals

    Does anyone have any recommendations for sterilized soil used in indoor cultivation? I want to know the highest quality sterilized soil you can think of, and any recommendations on altering the PH of the sterilized soil. I'm also interested in introducing non-synthetically derived helpful...