blood meal

  1. NewEnglandFarmer

    blood meal for N deficiency?

    I've got some 8-week old plants vegging outdoors in Coast of Maine's Stonington Blend organic soil mix. Right now they're in 2g pots but as soon as I sex them they'll go in the ground--hopefully next week or so. Although Stonington is a "water-only" supersoil in pots that size the plants use up...
  2. olaf687

    Best organic blood meal brand?

    Whats the best organic blood meal brand? I plan on making a mix of blood meal, allpauco poop, and crab meal for a top dressing. Is it ok mix these all together? I do know to be very careful with the blood meal. Adding half the recomended dose or less.
  3. A

    newbie veganic question

    hi all, this is my first post here. i have seen the very long thread regarding veganics, and while ive browsed it for a bit, i simply dont have time to go through 130+ pages of mostly banter and silly arguments. ive also been lurking here for months without being registered, trying to see what i...
  4. J

    trying a organic mix need suggestions plz

    Hey guys this will be my first real grow and need a little help kicking it off open to any suggestions and advice well let me tell yall about my first problem i dont know if i should mix all these ingredients in to my soil Black Kow 50-lb Organic Manure vermiculite and perlite with bone and...