brown spotting

  1. H

    Brown and yellow spotting

    I have a few plants that are having this problem with the leaves having brown and yellow spots on them. Any idea what this could be?
  2. BWestN2shoes

    Hopefully shes not completely dead

    Well I thought I would get away cheap without having to buy a light for the rainy and cloudy days. I have a 500w t3 halogen bulb and after doing the conversion it equaled 50w LED. So my smartass looked at the chart about how far do you keep a 50w led= 18in so you know what imma say lol I put my...
  3. W

    Please help for brown spots on leafs .. leafs are dying

    hello Guys my plants are 40 days from when i planted in the soil . they are femenized seed by dna genetic .ive got 2000 watt Led designed for growing faze and bloom . 5 days ago i gave the nitrogen (bio bizz grow) cuz some of my plants leaf were getting yellow and 1 week ago ive changed their...
  4. HighasFrank

    Help! Is this calcium deficiency??

    Brought my girl out to inspect her and suddenly she's got this going on with her leaves. I haven't been able to properly look her over in a minute so I'm not sure when this started but it can't have been developing for more than a few days now. Most of her is still very healthy looking but there...
  5. aBoog21

    Brown spots on leaves veg. Stage

    So these spots have just appeared on my Blue Cheese about 4 or 5 days ago about the same day (before) I transplanted them from cups. I figured some sort of deficiency and it’s not gonna be a problem... I’ve search forums and pictures different things it could be but nothing that looks like what...
  6. TRollemup

    Is this a phosphorus deficiency?

    Hello, I have a White Widow plant that has been exhibiting some odd behavior. Can anyone confirm or otherwise that this plant needs more phosphorus? Thanks
  7. Cody666

    HELP!!! Seedlings have brown spots forming :,(

    Hey guys this has never happened to me before but my 2 out of 5 of seedlings that are only a few weeks old have started to form brown spots on the leaves. The other 3 seedlings are in the exact same growing conditions so I don't think it could be a nutritional deficiency but I really need to get...
  8. S

    Help please

    Hi all I'm New to this 1 of my plants has rust yellowing and a bit of heat stress and brown spotting any1 no what's going on ? Thanks in adcance