burnt leaves

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    Weird new growth, your opinion?

    Hey guys, Been growing this bagseed lady for 10 weeks, already a week into flowering. Lights: CFL 4 x 23W 2700K + 1 x 23W 6500K Medium: Organic-ish Soil(Mix of 2 types of potting soils with included perlite, organic and mineral fertilizers + added worm castings and used coffee grounds) PH...
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    Yellow burnt leaves on the bottom

    Hello, i am growing outdoors and feeding these babies biothrive grow about 5 ml once or teice a week along wiyh bioroots and bioweed seaeeed supplement. The bottom of the leaves look burned and are dying off. They get yellow and some have brown spots on them. The soil is regular potting soil...
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    Burning leaf tips

    Is this nute burn? The tips are super dark brown almost black and seem to be burning up the leaves from the edges going inwards. I have some plants growing in 2 different soils (fox farm ocean forest & sohum) with the same problem. My sohum plants got some nute burn on them but some of the fox...