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    10 New Anesia Seeds Strains At Chosen Seeds - Get 'Em While They're Still Here!

    Arriving from Spain is Anesia Seeds' elusive, much sought-after batch of latest creations. We have ten of their newest selection, and they’re all as magnificent as the last. Considering we’ve been on the Anesia train hard since their inception, we couldn’t be happier. We’ve had a lot of...
  2. Team Vault

    Rename the Strain + Seed Giveaway! - 6 prizes - GreenHouse Seeds Co Promo

    We're back with another promo and giveaway! This time, everything is a wee different. More creative than ever. Have you ever considered naming a strain? In this case, RENAME it. Green House Seeds Co. people have provided us with their fabulous strain 'Dark Phoenix Feminised', and thanks to...
  3. KennethBush

    Consumption and Cultivation of Cannabis

    which banned all use and consumption of cannabis in public places that may put the health of people?
  4. PurpGeneticz

    Sharing my love for purples

    So I've been breeding colors for about 13 years now. Ive stabilized some pretty nice stuff over the past few years so i figured id introduce RIU to my greatest creations so far. Creating seeds is something that truly makes me happy. At first it was something just to make some extra money but...
  5. Team Vault

    Kannabia MEGA Give-Away – Almost 30 prizes to be sent

    Hi folks, This time, we're bringing something big to you (please, avoid easy jokes). Our friends of Kannabia have provided us with goodies and freebies to share the love with the cannabis community. Normally, we're just raffling just a few prizes. This time, we're coming with 29 different...
  6. Team Vault

    Ace Seeds Giveaway And Promo – Win a 9-pack of Fems – 5 prizes

    Hi folks, You already know us: promo here, promo there... We're coming back this time with our friends of Ace Seeds. Let's get this straight: Another great giveaway and a really cool discount code. Let me explain the giveaway better: we are raffling 9-packs of Bangi Haze Fems by Ace Seeds...
  7. Team Vault

    Sweet Seeds On Purchase Promo And Give-Away

    Hi folks, Another week, another promo. More give-aways, On Purchase promo and discount codes. This time, we're bringing them with our 'amigos' from Sweet Seeds. We're giving away two 10-packs of Cream Caramel Fem and two 10-packs of Cream Caramel Auto. To enter, simply head over to this blog...
  8. Team Vault

    Barney’s Farm Promo – Win a 10 Pack of Fems – 4 Prizes

    Hi folks, We know we know... here we are again. And also you might have noticed, but this is a huge one. Our friends from Barney's Farm have restocked us with a lot of new freebies and we wanted to share this with you. This time we’re giving you the chance to win a 10-pack (yes buds, 10-pack)...
  9. Team Vault

    Kannabia Prize Give-Away At The Vault

    Hi folks, Gary Eff here at The Vault with another give-away. This time we have another amazing offer from our friends at Kannabia. You're in with a chance to win either a 5-pack of Kaboom Fems or 5-pack of Mikromachines Autos. To enter, simply head over to this blog post and let us know if...
  10. Team Vault

    Green House Seed Co On Purchase Promo for Feminised Seeds

    Hi All, Gary Eff here with an update about a cool new offer we have with our friends at Green House Seed Co'. For a limited time, we have a set number of Banana Crumble Fems & Kalashnikova Fems available when you buy any multi-pack of Feminised Green House Seeds. To take advantage of this...
  11. Team Vault

    Ace News - UK Shipping Prices Slashed At The Vault + Win Seeds

    Hi All, Following customer feedback we have been working hard to lower the price of our UK shipping costs and we are happy to announce that we now have a new shipping partner in place meaning we can again offer this service at a reduced cost of £4.99 without compromising on the high level of...
  12. Team Vault

    Welcome to The Vault's British themed 420 promo for 2021 - Win Seeds on This Post

    Hi All We decided to do a British theme to let everyone know we are very much the same company as before Brexit making sure we get your seeds sent to the UK and most other countries of the world despite the challenges of coming out of the EU. We have multiple things going on this year and with...
  13. 1833SEEDUSA


    cannabis seed usa 25% off any purchase
  14. Team Vault

    Happy MacPaddys Day - Win A 5 Pack Of Phoenix Seeds At The Vault

    Hi All, Don't worry you're not seeing things - it is in fact the day after St Patrick's day and we are launching our promo - with a twist. It's MacPaddy's day here in Scotland as sponsored by Phoenix Seeds! As ever, we are offering up some free seeds to you so fire over to the blog and check...
  15. Team Vault

    Win a 5 pack of Female Seeds in this weeks Vault Promotion

    Hi All Gary Eff here with this weeks Vault promo' - read on to get involved... We like to put the spotlight on some of our regular supporters of The Vault so this time around we are checking out our friends at Female Seeds. Read all about them and the seeds in the blog post - in the...
  16. Team Vault

    Win a 5 Pack of Monster Genetic Seeds on The Vault Blog

    Hi All, We've got another promo live over on The Vault Blog > . This time our friends at Monster Genetics are offering up 4 chances to win a 5 pack of: Monster Pebbles Fem Monster Gelato Auto It's simple to...
  17. Team Vault

    Barney’s Farm Freebie’s Promo + Win Seeds

    Hi All, Gary EFF here with yet another new promo! We've got more Barney's Farm prizes for you this time to celebrate the fact they've re-stocked our freebies up again. This means if you buy any seed from The Vault you will get a Barney's Farm seed + if you spend over £50 you will get another...
  18. Team Vault

    Win 10 Kannabia Kaboom Seeds in Our Valentines Kaboom Boom + 14% Discount

    Hi All, Gary Eff here back with our Valentines Promo which is live for 7 days. If you fancy some Kaboom Boom in the next few days enter our promo to see if you could win x10 Kaboom Seeds from Kannabia (+ watch out for the discount code). Entry Terms can be found on this blog post...(And...
  19. Team Vault

    Royal Queen Seeds Promo – Play Your Cards Right – 5 Prizes to Be Won

    Hi All, Just dropping in to let you know about our latest promo that went live recently - and this is our Play Your Cards right promo. Head over to the blog post to guess higher or lower than the card we pulled to enter (via the blog comments section). For entering, you will be in with a...
  20. Team Vault

    Show Us Your Grow Promo – £1000 Worth of Seeds and Merch to Be Won

    Hey everyone, We’re ramping up the frequency of promos at The Vault in 2021, which is great news for you all! This is also one I’m personally looking forward to as it involves some social media fun (Or email if that's not your thing). So let’s get moving! This time, we’re going to get you...