1. stealthfader508

    2022 Massachusetts Outdoor Growers

    Here it is guys, 2022 ... my whole family is locked down with the rona ... my son's out shooting baskets, my daughters are making tik toks, my wife's yelling at everyone, and I'm searching through strains for this years greenhouse candidates that won't mold .... I can't believe we shut down the...
  2. C

    New to growing

    Want to start my own grow However I don’t have much space to work with! I’m looking at a 50cm x 50cm x 140cm tent with the Mars hydro Ts 600 is this sufficient? Could I fit 2 plants in there? Also being my first grow I have watched a lot of tutorials on lst and hst methods should I try and use...
  3. P

    Horrible rotten meat smell

    Good afternoon everyone! I have a huge issue that I would love some advice on.. My deep freezer went out that I store my trim and extra meat products. Unfortunately, the freezer went out without me knowing and since the deep freezer is my back up storage place, I didn’t realize it had gone out...
  4. P


    I’m on day 6 of flowering, and my leaves have started to yellow, developing “burnt” tips and some brown spots. Seems like it’s a mobile deficiency since it’s starting from the bottom, but not entirely sure. Using the Athena Pro Line with 5.8 pH water. Any help would be appreciated!
  5. Seshlife710

    All of my plants keep yellowing. *****I can not figure this out

    using miracle grow organic natures care soil. Growing mostly auto flowers. Growing under a phlizon 450w. But I only use the Cobb lights at around 250w for seedlings. Ph in at 6.5. I did a slurry test yesterday and it read 5.9. Using house and garden nutrients. I’ve barely fed anything. My tap...
  6. MedicGrow

    Grow Journal With Medic Grow LED Grow Lights

    Hello growers, this is Medic Grow LED :weed: :weed: This post will be a collection of grow journals with Medic Grow lights to help you guys know more about growing. We will keep updating! :clap::clap:
  7. MedicGrow

    Medic Grow Lighting Black Friday 20% Off Sitewide SALE!

    Medic Grow 20% OFF SITEWIDE SALE! :clap: :clap: Place your order and enjoy 20% off everything on Medic Grow! :hug: $524 for our Best-selling: Medic Grow Fold-8 720W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants :hug:$559 for Medic Grow Ez-8 Hydra 1000W LED Grow Light :hug:$799 for...
  8. K

    Started and Instagram page, really enjoying it!

    Hey peeps! so I’m fairly new to growing and not only do I really enjoy the cultivation aspect but I find myself really enjoying taking cool pictures of the beauties in unique ways. would love to connect with some of you on here and grow my channel with some of you! @frostedcanopies
  9. MedicGrow

    Medic Grow Ez 8 1000W LED Grow Light PAR Test & Review

    :clap: Medic Grow Fold 8 LED Grow Light PAR Test & Review
  10. Brickie74

    Recent grows.

    A few of my grows over the years.
  11. Brickie74

    Illinois indoor/outdoor grows.

    A few of my grows over the years.
  12. G

    Ordering seeds online to cyprus

    Hello guys im a newbie i want to plant some in my closet but im too concerned about ordering them to cyp would they find it in the mail even if i order like 3 seeds only? What do you guys think ? Im planning to order them to my po mailbox

    New Autoflowering Heat From Royal Queen Seeds - Get 15% Off

    Royal Queen Seeds are an industry staple, and that's for good reason. Their logo is a watermark for unerring quality, having built up years of goodwill and trust from the community on the back of said excellence. We say all of this because we highly recommend checking out their exalted range...
  14. M

    Need advises on my full organic routine/schedule

    Hello gents, im a novice grower, started a few weeks ago and im in love with the direct organic grow method! Im loving making my soil richer and richer, it is like caring for someone. And i noticed that you guys have big experience on this matter, then here i go As i told, i'm still building my...
  15. Buds420grow

    Idea time !

    So I have a shit load of bud from my first auto harvest of the year about 3/4 of a pound or so. I need to keep it fresh for as long as possible after drying and curing. I know vacuum sealing the weed will tend to crush it and knock off some trichs. What if instead of vacuum sealing the raw weed...
  16. P

    Auto's won't flower

    Hello everyone, I've encountered the next issue, my plants won't flower and it's been already 11weeks since seedlings appeared. I get lots of white pistils that after a few days turn to brown and fall of. Pistils started showing quite a few weeks ago and i thought maybe it's flower time but...
  17. A

    Why is this happening !?

    These are two "the white og" strains that I've cloned, This is the 4th times happen to me. Clones are growing great after being rooted, no under or over watering and they've already adapted to the sun/environment but then these just start to wilt and die off, any help would be great.
  18. MedicGrow

    Medic Grow LED Grow Light Documentary Videos | Grow Journal Collection

    Hello guys, this is Medic Grow LED :weed: This post will be a documentary video collection of cannabis growing with Medic Grow LED to help you guys know more about growing. We will keep updating!:clap:
  19. shattascam

    My monster plant is flowering in July (help)

    I am based in new york state. My grow that I originally started on march 28th has finally come to fruition and within the past week - two weeks I've noticed it has started flowering. Little early no? :| The thing is about 5'7" (same height as me and Tom Cruise) and four feet by four feet. I'm...
  20. K

    New growth issues. Fungus or magnesium deficiency?

    Hello all, first time grower here. Growing in Conibo Coco with build-a-soil coco mineral mix. Feeding botanicare kind base, grow, vitamino & pure blend tea, cal-mag, silica, hydroguard & Tribus. Following chart from Botanicare for coco at half strength? Growing under LED & I have humidifier...