cold grow room

  1. N

    Need some advice on my set up ( garage )

    Hi, so recently I’ve had to move my set up into the garage it’s now hitting temps of 6 degrees Celsius during the day. I’m in a 1m squared tent using led’s so not getting much heat from them, I want to put a heater in my tent but seems abit pointless as I currently have the tent set up with an...
  2. Mazer

    low temperature consequences

    Dear Gentlefolks, Winter is coming... My 2 2'x2' LED growrooms are located in a unheated garden shed. and the temperatures are DROOOOOOPING.... I have insulated everything as much as possible. Yet, mister Fahrenheit is doing a limbo. :clap:How low how low how low can you go :clap:. Right now...