cotton candy cane

  1. crittertime

    Indica Rescue: an open grow journal

    Back in mid-March, I inherited some plants in the wake of my friend's breakup. The plants were gnatty, spindly, and stretched as all get-out. I gladly took them in as a quarantine project. I’m a novice gardener, and this is my first cannabis grow. They were germinated in late-January in 1.75...
  2. AKGrowAreo

    Aero/NFT Grow in Tent w/ CO2, AC, Dehumidifier, and DIY Chiller

    I have a low pressure aero/nft grow going in a 4x8 tent and I have been getting some great results. I am about to ditch the tent for a larger space, but wanted to post about my success in the tent because contrary to popular belief, co2 can be successfully run in a tent, even on a budget. This...