1. rymander

    Throw some advice My way gods of rollup

    First grow - GG#4 - amazing grow experience - chopped 4-5 days ago and hung inside tent - on hangers left about 6-12 inches of stem on each piece - got weird hay smell bc buds were suuuuuuper sticky and long stems freshly cut - lowered RH and increased airflow of fan - not directly on buds - the...
  2. NewEnglandFarmer

    humidity slightly high in jars--leave lid off or dump contents out?

    This is my first crack at growing. Successfully raised and harvested 6 plants outdoors in the ground. 4 of 6 are dried and now curing in Mason jars (last 2 plants are still drying). Drying consisted of hanging branches upside down in a well-ventilated shed for a week followed by a second week...
  3. CannaGetSomeInfo

    Worried I over dried?

    Hey guys this is my second grow and I'm worried that I messed up in the drying process. My first grow I grew three different strains at once( mistake for my first grow.) I think I harvest to earlier and it had a hay smell that I could not get rid of and I may have let it dry too long . So I...
  4. P

    how long does it take for trim to dry?

    Hi! I just wet trimmed my small auto plant and Im wondering how long does it take to dry? Its 50% humidty and 73f in the box. Thx!
  5. P

    How can I dry buds without a growtent or dry room?

    Hi! I have 3 plant in my tent one is an autoflower and 2 is a photoperiod (swiss dream and amnesia auto) The auto is gona mature in a few days but the other two plant have about 2 more weeks. Can I dry the auto somehow? It doesnt have to be top notch quality but I want to do it in the grow tent...
  6. K

    Do my Trics look ready???

    Week 7 flower, is 2 more weeks til chop a safe bet? Personally I saw 75% cloudy. Let me know what you guys think!
  7. Coco_kushman

    Best way to harvest and cure

    Hey guys, So I decided to ask the pros. My kush plant here is about 8weeks old and I think it’s ready for harvest. Please drop your ideas on the best way to harveyand cure my weed and besides does it look ready for harvest. Thanks in advance y’all ✌
  8. notillnospill

    Trichome Check 100x- Ready to Harvest ?

    Whats up Rollitup. I have my Gorilla Zkittlez @day 40 and trichomes are looking like this. Dont want to have her go too long so looking for another opinon! ty.
  9. W

    Method of multiple harvests

    I've noticed that if I pick a bud off of my plant another will grow back given enough time. Is there not a way to harvest a bunch of the weed and let it grow more and harvest that? I figure if so you can get 2 great harvest from one plant.
  10. B

    Harvest/cure techniques for good lab test results

    Looking to get some of my fire og tested out of curiosity at the local lab. I’ve heard different theories about time of cure, where to take your test sample from, etc. I’m looking to get the best terp/thc numbers possible Thanks Bunnyboots
  11. jloor

    curing with leaves ?

    Hi, I would like to know, if cannabis can be cured with sugar leaves, after drying, do not perform any trimming. Is there a risk of fungus or any problem? considering that humidity its going to be controlled
  12. SwankDank

    Question about hanging in cool tempatures

    So my room to hang my buds is connected to my garage so its not heated and tempatures are dipping to 40 to low 50's at night and 50-60's during day what should i set my humidity to on my dehumidifier ?
  13. Veronavb

    Product : cure. Its water wieght/cut for weed

    Now no one ever talks about this but its getting used i think its the sadest and lowest of low if ure selling it. I would like to know ppls experiance with this or tell me im wrong if i am.
  14. B

    Curing Overdried Buds

    Let's pretend I have buds that were dried in 4 days to about 30% humidity (measured in jars with a humidity sensor). After sitting at this low humidity for 2 months in jars, I want to know if these buds can be rehydrated to start the curing process. I can't find any good info on exactly what is...
  15. Kami Samurai

    Peak THC During a Cure?

    Is there a pointbinthe curing process where degradation of thc usually starts (without freezer storage)? Does thc just continually convert to CBN or is there a limited achievable about that is strain dependent (without heat decarboxylation)? After the thc conversions does thc just naturally...
  16. FPVGrow

    HELP!! Is it time to HARVEST?

    Hey guys. Got several plants going. Think one is ahead of the others as it looks fuller, rhicker, and has more red hairs. Can you guys let me know how the lot is doing. Don’t know the exact strains as they were clones my friend gave me but the first and largest plants looks to be done. Others...
  17. Getzinger

    Need help please

    Hey guys this is my first day on the site posting and as a member but I have read some great advise on here for a while. I have just come to a stand still and had some questions I hope I could get some answers to. So this is my first grow and I’m not too sure how I’m doing. I’m growing GG#4 and...
  18. Autopower

    The Ultimate (Dutch Passion Seeds)

    Strain : The Ultimate (Dutch Passion Seeds) - FEM From dutch passion :: A balanced 50% indica, 50% sativa variety. It gives a fast hitting high thanks to the indica component. Those that do not have a high tolerance to cannabis should note that this is a strong high which continues to climb...
  19. meangreengrowinmachine

    Black Garlic process.. Canabible maybe?

    So as I am hearing something about "black garlic" and how it is made it reminds me of something I read about a while ago i think it was in canabible 2. I think it was called Malawi maybe? But I think from what i remember it was weed that was taken and wrapped in leaves and that buried in the...
  20. Smelly Sticky Fingers

    Mold questions

    Okay so I'm getting close to my first harvest, and I'm curious about mold. Is it something like if you cure it right, and by the book it's not a worry, or even if you do the most to make sure everything is going right there's still a chance of mold? What are some curing methods that decrease the...