diy boards

  1. CoB_nUt

    Need a lil Qb rig design help!

    Hello peoples! Thought I'd start a thread to see if it helps get some ideas tossed my way. I purchased 8 Qb120's and 2 Hlg 240-2100 drivers. These will go in a 4'x4'x6' tent. I need some rig frame ideas. I'd like a 2 frame system with 4 boards per. Don't have a lux meter at the moment or I...
  2. colo420

    1800W Programmable LED WIFI LINKED

    I’ve been working on this build for a minute now 1800 actual watts from the wall 6 Samsung lm561c 312 boards from China Running on 2 meanwell hlg-480H-42B Drivers 6 30w diode clusters of 12 Band Spectrum running at 600ma I had 2 GROWant g800 Pro Osram chips LED’s that I disassembled, All this...
  3. P

    supplemental lighting for hlg 550 in 4x4?

    I've had the HLG 550 for a couple weeks now and it seems to have taken the place of Bestva 1800 (foreign junk) and Mars II 700w without issue. i'm moving up in the LED world. I've still got advanced p300 and I'm looking to return it and spend that money on new, more efficient tech, particularly...
  4. noma

    4 cobs + 4 fans in 1 driver?

    hi guys, i found very usefull info here, today i need to ask! i'm doing my first diy panel, which is: 4x CXB3590-0000-000N0HCD35G (2.4A 36v) 1x HLG-185H-C1400B (1.4A 200.2 W) since i can't find any heatsink like those suggested in this forum (i'm from europe,duh!), i thought to go...
  5. robincnn

    DIY with Quantum Boards

    Starting a new thread for DIY build with Quantum Boards. Please feel free to post your Mid-Power LED based designs here. Multiple LED Strips fine too. Related Threads