1. M

    Leaves thinning, plant looking bare.

    Zone 7b, green house grown these white widow feminized Plants appear to be loosing leaves at a faster rate than what I am used to compared to indoor grown. They are in organic soil, 1/3 perlite, and receive botanicare cal mag, grow, and recently bloom as suggested on the bottle. They receive a...
  2. chosenseeds.com

    10 Prizes To Be Won In Chosen Seeds Summer Giveaway - Genetics From Barney's Farm & Anesia Seeds

    Greetings all! We are running a mammoth summer giveaway on our blog and would like to share the details of how you lovely folks can enter here on RollItUp. All you need to do is: - Simply comment below with which strain(s) you'd like to win from either Barney's Farm and/or Anesia Seeds. It's...
  3. chicharon

    Looking for seeds

    Hey guys/gals im in Southern California could anyone provide a link to get some good seeds? Like somewhere that ships from usa i hate doing the international thing it takes to long.
  4. WeedIsNotLifeJustSmoke

    My plant is flowering under 18/6 and is a feminised seed. What happened in week 3 to make this happen

    So i was casually starting a new collection had one of my lights lose alot of its leds so i removed it. And then added replaced light with same model light. I noticed i was getting white pistils, so i cut them all off hoping for a different growth and then i noticed my leaves changing texture...
  5. SidV

    Outside Adventures with Green Gelato & friends

    Occasional pics of one of my outside gardens. This is a 12/12 section. All plants are moved to dark room. All plants are in mt dew 2 liters. Nutes will be covered later. Plants regularly are forced to withstand 40+ mph winds.
  6. N

    First Grow - Advice and Opinions on how it's going

    Hi all, First time growing and i have a few questions. I have an 80x80x200 Grow tent with a 600W HPS coving the space Growing in soil, temperature and humidity semi-controlled but haven't gotten too far out (aside from last week when the heatwave brought tent temps up to 29C :mad: but I reduced...
  7. PotentiallyPotent

    First Outdoor Grow (with some general gardening stuff)

    Hey everyone, I'm super stoked to be sharing my first outdoor grow with all of you. I've grown cannabis indoors before and grown other plants outdoors but this is pretty much my first time growing cannabis outside. I will be running 2 Cropking Candy Cane Autofems and will be adding 2 Northern...
  8. BeatrixKiddo98

    Surprise Auto in my Ladies!

    I totally forgot that one of my plants was an auto (freebie, Strawberry Chessecake Auto) and it’s been flowering for about a week now! Just out of curiosity how much longer do you think until she’s done flowering?
  9. Yesyes3000

    Feminized Indicas on seedherenow

    Hello I’m looking for some suggestions on some feminized Indica strains on seedsherenow.com to grow. I appreciate all the help thank you ! I would like them to be Indica or mostly Indica dominant. Also I am planning on scrog’n these plants
  10. Heisenbeans

    Heisenbeans Genetics

    the official thread for all questions and anything related to heisenbeans genetics USA.There will be full transperancy on everything grown in house and all the crosses made will be 100 percent tested and verified.I plan to be a one of a kind seed breeder in the industry and will bring nothing...
  11. LitRookie7414

    Indoor closet grow(Stealth tent)

    so i just recently started a session inside to see how it would go. I have a 300W Viparspectra LED light, 3 Fem Swiss cheese in a DWC system in a 2 x 2 x 4 tent. I had them Sprout may 19 Seedling may 25/1st res. Change nutrients added June 6th Res Change reduced nutes Veg. June 9th topped Down...
  12. B

    This guy appeared overnight. Is it Cannabis?

    I'm doing an indoor grow with 5 female plants ~1 month old. This girl showed up and I'm really interested in what she is. Is she cannabis or some other lone wanderer?
  13. QuikWay

    My First Grow! Legend OGK and Cindy 99 x African haze by Mosca Negra Seeds

    Alright. Let me be clear. This is my first grow with known, medicinal quality, feminized seeds! Got my seeds fast and promptly with great customer service from Neptune Seed Bank. Set up - - - 4 HPS 150w lamps in a 5x5 area. Will be using these for entire grow. I usually buy cheap... 3$ bags of...
  14. 4

    First Grow - Kind Soil LED Grow - Berry Bomb, White Widow, Cheese

    Hey guys newbie AF over here. Just kicked off my first grow ever last week. 10/16 I germinated 2x Berry Bomb, 2x White Widow, and 2x Cheese, all feminized. One Berry Bomb was bunk on arrival. Seeds planted 10/18 into cheap amazon 3 gallon smart pots with 3lb of Kind Soil as a base and filled the...
  15. Longcloud

    Seedbank with bulk seeds

    On the hunt for some fem seeds with cheap price on bulk if anyone can help me out? looking for 50 to 100
  16. BurnzyBurnz


    What's Crackin' Y'all, I am looking to buy feminized G13 seeds. Do you know where to find them ? Or Would it be better to buy 10 G13 seeds that aren't feminized and hope one or two of them turn out female ??? WHATS YOUR OPINION ? ***G13: is a very strong strain of cannabis indica that is...
  17. M

    Jack Herer not growing nearly well enough.

    Hi guys, I need some help here.... This is a first time jack herer grow Im 4 weeks in and they arent growing nearly fast enough. For the three weeks after germination I used 2x 250 W LEDs and after that a 12W growlight and theyve just stopped growing at all. Ive kept them on 14/12 cycles...
  18. S

    Unopened banana on auto plz help

    Whats up yall, this is my first post but i been through tha threads a bit. Im a few seasons deep in autos but still kinda new. Got some girls get stressed from heat, a couple power outs and a lock out. Found some un opened male buds lurking wit red hairs comin out. Wondering should i cut tha...
  19. berten-ernie420

    Tangerine Dream LED Closet

    Starting a new thread for my most recent of beans that popped up. She is about week n half old. But the lights are working awesome on her. Hardly any stretch, and it looks like the nodes are going to be almost right on top of eachother. I need a bit of height on this girl but i dont want to...
  20. brad olula

    Feminised Cannabis and the Equator.

    I have been reading about the benefits of growing feminised seeds and the techniques involved in inducing the flowering stage using light cycles indoors and seasonal changes outdoors. Am wondering how feminised seeds can grow at the equator and enter the flowering stage since it is always 12...