first grow

  1. Georgian_Shore

    First Ever Grow - Week 3 Of Flower

    Just wanted to post my first ever grow, it’s pretty basic, I’m not even aware of the strain lol so here’s where I am plant was in veg for 12 weeks on a 18/6 cycle I flipped it just over a week nearly 2 weeks ago and will be entering my 3rd week of flower on Monday. she’s in a 5 gallon...
  2. L

    First grow 2 x Auto OG Kush from Seed Stockers

    Just put 2 Auto OG Kush in some coco for my first grow. Im using a 315w CMH lamp, 2 11l fabric pots and Canna Coco with GHE Flora trio nutrients. Will post pics as soon as they pop their heads out. Im sooo excited!!
  3. Purplehaze0420

    End of 11th week flowering. Ready or?

    Hey guys i already posted few threads regarding my Indica first grow. This is end of 11th week flowering. I know that is 11th week exactly because i started counting 2 weeks after switching to 12/12. After nice future flower sites started to form.. I checked trichomes with loop and everything is...
  4. T

    Guidance For First Timer

    Hey Guuys! need some guidance here for a first timer... I'm living in a studio with 4 windows which i can open it 24/7(unless its raining). Is it possible for me to grow in 2x2x4,5? or does it really needs to be in a dark place where there is no source of lights other than the one inside the...
  5. D

    How am i doing 1st time

    I have grown outdoors using miracle grow and things like that as a kid but this is my first indoor grow im using happy frog soil ammended with nature's living soil concentrate and top dressed at week 4 with 2tbsp dr earths 444 and 2 tbsp dr earth 394 all 5 are in 3 gal fabric pots. And im...
  6. ddeck96

    First time with photoperiods. Any advice with training?

    First photoperiod grow. Only done autos before. Been playing around with topping and trimming on the photos. How am I doing? Any advice? Strain: huckleberry (Thebank) About 30 days old
  7. L

    Do these girls look okay or do I need to do something?

    GG#4 Autos bt ILGM Big plant 8 weeks small plant 4 weeks Grown with coco/pearl 70/30 mix General hydro trio nutes Water ph stays in the 5.8-6.3 range Grown with 300w vivosun led (yes I know blurples suck it's what I have) light stays about 1 foot away with no sign of heat stress Grow room stays...
  8. J

    First grow going really strong !!!

    Northern lights 5 x Wilson x Willie nelson by Masonic smoker, day 29 of flower, day 82 from sprout. Under a Vipar spectra p2500, getting fed power Si, cal mag, veg plus bloom, shine, humic acid and molasses. In 70% coco and 30 % perlite. She’s about 4 and a half feet off the ground.
  9. F

    First grow 8week veg now currently week 3 day 4 flower , frosty gelato . Hoping for good things

    3 weeks 4 days into flower first grow hoping for a decent yeild 10 frosty gelato in a 4x8 tent with 2 x 600w hps in soil 11L pots all lstd from week 4 veg so plenty tops, vegged 8 weeks , canit wait for them to fatting up, next few weeks should be exciting , wen I'm next there to water them I'm...
  10. F

    First grow 3 weeks 4 days into flower

    4 weeks flower on Saturday under 2 x 600w hps 10 plants vegged 8 weeks started lst at week 4 veg so plenty tops and have also lollipoped , hoping for a decent yeild, next time I'm with them I will spread the branches apart and tie them down were I want them to grow for better light penatration...
  11. L

    New autoflower grower

    hello, I'm new to growing I'm growing in a 70/30 mix of coco and pearlite. Using the general hydroponics trio. The bigger plant is about 6 weeks along and the smaller is about 3 weeks along, I'm having a hard time figuring if it's nute burns or deficiencys. The strain is Gorilla Glue #4 it's an...
  12. Purplehaze0420

    First grow, opinions please :)

    Hey guys (: this is my first grow. Wss skunk faminized/photoperiod. I've kept her 7.5 weeks in veg and since 4.5 weeks in flowering. All together 12weeks. She is under 300 watts Led light, since 5th week of her life i have been feeding her with basic nutrients. Micro/grow/bloom. Since 3 weeks i...
  13. K

    Need help 36 days into flower

    hello. This is my first grow need help on when I should harvest. 36 days into flower buds are looking nice so far I don’t want to mess all my work.
  14. A

    NL, J47, GG Indoor. Late Start Journal. My First Grow

    So this is my first grow, I was nervous to start a journal because I was afraid of broadcasting my failure, but I'm a month in with a few problems, but nothing catastrophic... yet. I did a fair amount of research before starting up. But I have always been more of a hands-on learner. This grow...
  15. B

    Deficiency or PH Issue?

    Hey guys! New grower here working on a couple of plants. This is my Photo period Lemon OG Kush from DNA Genetics (Currently Day 15 from Seed). I noticed since about 3 days ago (Day 12) those bottom leaves are starting to get dark and splotchy.. Any ideas on what the issue may be? I know I...
  16. B

    Weird new growth, your opinion?

    Hey guys, Been growing this bagseed lady for 10 weeks, already a week into flowering. Lights: CFL 4 x 23W 2700K + 1 x 23W 6500K Medium: Organic-ish Soil(Mix of 2 types of potting soils with included perlite, organic and mineral fertilizers + added worm castings and used coffee grounds) PH...
  17. Purplehaze420x

    Is my plant starting to flower?

    Hey you guys! This is my first time Growing. This is my wss skunk girl. She is almost 9 weeks old. Since 1 week i switched light to 12/12.and i think i noticed first white hairs popping. So, is that early sign of flowering?... I'm feeding her with Basic nutrients. She is almost 90cm now.
  18. City_Farmer

    4x strains (greenpoint seeds) 3000 watt grow room

    :peace: 4 strains from greenpointseeds * purple crunch x6 * ice cream punch x6 * crunch bubble x5 *lemon tree punch x5 **************GAMEPLAN HIGHLIGHTS************** * I PLAN ON STARTING ALL SEEDS IN A 1 GALLON POT. * SEEDLINGS WILL BE GROWING IN A 50/50 MIX OF COCO AND FOX FARMS OCEAN...
  19. J

    Harvest time opinions?

    Whats up man, was just wondering your guys thoughts on how much longer in flower this girl needs, its been 37 days since the first budlets formed. Also any advice on how and when yall harvest would be appreciated, as this is my first grow and every day i learn something new. Thoughts on how she...
  20. M

    When/if to top/fim this clone with uneven nodes??

    Hey all, first time grower here... This Clone went a little too long (Maybe 2-3 weeks since buying from the shop) before topping but I couldn’t find a good time because the nodes are consistently uneven. Could anyone help me with when? I’ll be providing close-ups of how she looks right now...