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  1. cozyboytro

    Coco vs Soil medium for a First Timer?

    Hey relatively new grower here, I'll be setting up a 2x4 (80cm x 80cm x 180cm) Tent with ViparSpectra P2000 200W lights. I'm thinking of going with an auto flowering strain but I'm still unsure about that. My question is which would be a better medium for a beginner soil or coco? Could I grow 2...
  2. 4

    First time grow whats goin on?

    First time hydro grower lil confused on whats going with my plant. growing under sf600 in canna coco mixed with about 20-30 percent perlite (kinda screwed that up) using gp dual fuel 1+2, kraken root booster (liquid stuff) and with abit of calmag and a tablespoon or so of molasses my last feed...
  3. D

    First time solo indoors, budget as f***

    Hey, I am just about to begin my first indoor attempt on my own. Goals: I smoke about an ounce a week to two with the wife, and would like to make outdoor season less stressful so I'd like to have a minimum 1lb to 1.5 every cycle. My set up currently is in a open 12x8 room with a 600watt...
  4. Dontjudgeme


    I’m starting to see a lot of threads turning into a place of debate. Don’t get me wrong, there is a difference between right and wrong, and good and bad advice. But it seems like even good advice isn’t good enough anymore, and there’s always someone that thinks the good advice stinks, and their...
  5. J

    Advice needed on 1st grow

    Hi all! So, I recently took the plunge and bought a full hydro setup, and started my first grow. I used the paper towel method to germinate, and once the taproots were long enough I planted them in a rockwool cube. Only took about a day or so for the seedlings to sprout, and everything was...
  6. OutdoorGinger

    First time Harvest

    This is the first plant I've grown and I'm at 8 weeks into flowering. Here are a few photos, should I wait a couple weeks to harvest? I was thinking of chopping on the 25th of Dec. a Christmas harvest.
  7. C

    Newbie needs help

    Hello everyone. I just joined and this is my first thread. This may have been discussed several times here for sure but I wanted your personal opinion and advice. This is my first time trying to grow Cannabis. Attaching some pictures. I have very little knowledge that I gathered from the...
  8. Purplehaze420x

    Is my plant starting to flower?

    Hey you guys! This is my first time Growing. This is my wss skunk girl. She is almost 9 weeks old. Since 1 week i switched light to 12/12.and i think i noticed first white hairs popping. So, is that early sign of flowering?... I'm feeding her with Basic nutrients. She is almost 90cm now.
  9. K

    Curing buds. Is this mold?

    I know this seems to be an over-asked question. Just wondering if anyone can tell me if my buds look normal or if I have mold. This plant in particular was hung upside down for about a week or so until dry feeling. They have been curing for about a week. As far as smell, I'm not sure about that...
  10. Growin4fun734

    Flipping to flower for the first time!

    Hey guys I’m flipping my plants to flower, and this is my first time growing so I’m worried that I’m forgetting something. I changed the timer to a 12/12 cycle, and turned on the bloom switch on my light. Then I started reading that you should wait to turn on the bloom light. So now I don’t know...
  11. R

    First time grower

    Last time I posted this plant was when I needed help on identifying the gender which people were very helpful with, which as a first time grower I was really appreciative of. And now basically a full month later from when I first noticed the pistols on June 28th it’s looking stunning. I’m just...
  12. P

    Here to learn/Noob

    Hello All! New to this and I want to keep getting better so I can produce great quality flowers... Thank you in advance for time spent helping me understand how to improve. In a 2.5x2.5. Chinese built Full Spectrum LED 1200w (around 200 actual so im told) Using straight Happy Frog soil...
  13. memebigboy

    Transplanting question

    Hi guys, I'm first time growing, I started out in 11 Litre = ~3 Gallon plastic pot, my plant is now 5 weeks old and doing very good but I have been reading about how plastic pots can cause root bound issues especially if it's small like mine, so I was thinking about transplanting it in fabric...
  14. memebigboy

    Nutrient burn?

    I am feeding this 11 days old, once every 2nd watering and only watering once every two days when the soil is dry about inch deep with EC of 0.9 for first two feedings and 1.2 for the last one 2 days ago. it's 11 Litre pot/about 3 gallons, and I give 1Litre water every feed. The pH is around...
  15. 1

    Trying to make this barney simple.

    I am a first time grower and am wanting to make this grow as simple as possible. I live in northern cali and on the 2nd floor. Tent- Mars hydro 48x48x80, Light- 2x sp250, Inline fan- AC Infinity t6, Carbon Filter- vivosun 6in, Pots- 4x3 gallon fabric pots, Soil- Super soil auto flower...
  16. 1

    Trying to make this barney simple.

    I am a first time grower and am wanting to make this grow as simple as possible. I live in northern cali and on the 2nd floor. Tent- Mars hydro 48x48x80, Light- 2x sp250, Inline fan- AC Infinity t6, Carbon Filter- vivosun 6in, Pots- 4x3 gallon fabric pots, Soil- Super soil auto flower...
  17. B

    First time indoor grow, Blue Dream 200w LED full spectrum

    Hi everyone, decided to start a grow journal here as the other forum seemed to die very quickly. Just to brush everyone up, started this grow 2 weeks ago and it was a very shaky start as I left the seeds too long in the jiffy and they got very very stretched. Details: I am growing in freedom...
  18. GreenHouseGrower20

    First time here

    Hello guys I just had a question. so I'm coming up on four weeks shortly and just curious how are my plants doing. They look kind of short LOL Its my first time im here in illinois just got my medical card. Just ordered fox farm nutrions should be here tomorrow so i can start adding it to...
  19. F

    First time grow

    Put some bagseed from some smoke that had absolutely zero thc, spent absolutely no money on the grow as I have plenty of experience gardening I just wanted to know what kind of abuse cannabis can take, and get a feel how it grows as I usually grow tomatoes or peppers. I'm getting close to...
  20. W

    First time dwc ak49 autoflower please help

    Can anyone please help me what going on with my baby been in the bucket for about two weeks pH is at 6.3 water temps stay 68 indoor temps stay from 76-80 and humidity is around 60 this is my fist time it has just a tiny couple roots coming out of the rapid rooter it did have a long single one...