1. W

    Is this a male or hermie?

    Long time lurker, first time poster. I started my first set of plants about 2 months back and started the flowering phase around 2 weeks ago. I noticed that one plant was growing much quicker and producing some weird looking buds (I believe they are pollen sacs). I am fairly confident that it is...
  2. K

    Did this girl herm on me?

    Not sure what this is but I’m worried it’s a hermie now first grow so I’m not sure what I’m looking at
  3. K

    Are these male or female?

    Not sure if these are male or female Can anyone help? 1) This is one plant, didn’t want to jump the gun thinking it was male. 2) actually chopped this one thinking it was male. Worried I cut it too early now :(
  4. Y

    Is this will be Hermie?? or just male. Please help

    Hey guys.! Have a good day . This is my first grow. :D I'm growing bagseed. A lot of seeds came out from bud, which is not of bad bud quality. I hope it's hermie. 5 weeks have passed for veg, and 10 days have passed since the lighting was changed to 12 hours. All of my 6 trees have some small...
  5. C

    Newbie needs help

    Hello everyone. I just joined and this is my first thread. This may have been discussed several times here for sure but I wanted your personal opinion and advice. This is my first time trying to grow Cannabis. Attaching some pictures. I have very little knowledge that I gathered from the...
  6. A

    Boy or girl question

    Hello, My plant is 4 weeks old in vegetation. I can see something on the top node but i am not sure is this male or female. It seems like calyx but no hairy things yet. What do you think? And another question can i switch to early flowering right now before i show it's gender? (i have a...
  7. A

    Male or Female

    Hi folks, I have two plants, I wonder if they show their sex yet? They both in their 4th week of veg. What do you think? First plant: Second plant:
  8. R

    Male early flowering?

    I have posted before about one of my plants which people were very helpful in assuring me it was indeed female, but now I’m posting again because I feel as if this plant is showing early stages of pollen sack production in the corners of the branches. I’m going to let it grow another bit to...
  9. J

    Gender and any comment?

    I'm first time grower. In these corona virus days, just trying experience how it would feel or if i could do it. All coming from seeds. Am i on the right track, are these going well? And can we tell it is male or female?
  10. P

    There are more than 2 Human Sexes

    In the recent decade, scientists have moved away from the general concensus we all learned in high school that there are only two genders: XY for males and XX for females. ie. there are people with XXX chromosomes, and more. Increasing evidence has been mounting over the last 10 years of...
  11. S

    What gender is this plant? Day 25/26 Other than Fim/Top, possible training methods?

    Seeing conflicting picture information on pistils and sacs.
  12. Ralfman

    Gender mystery.

    I’ve got 4 plants on the go. 3 are showing def female pre flowers but this guy is still a mystery. It’s def an Indica but I’m stumped on its gender. Female or Male. Week 7 of veg about to flip.
  13. W

    Can you tell if these are male or female?

    I planted them all at the same time. The little almost died but it started growing again. yayyyy The discoloration on the medium is indeed discoloration. I can’t tell what’s wrong with it. They are all in the same conditions and they were all transplanted way too early. Any advice? 600W light...
  14. AUTOmicroORGANICled

    Finally have a question - sex: yes please

    Greetings! Need help.................... SEX QUESTION: Alaskan Thunderfuck (photoperiod) 24/0 veg 300w led kindsoil w roots organic 6.4 flouride/chloramine free (aquagear filtered) - water only grow good airflow good temps good humidity So, I'm finally at a point where I want some...
  15. T

    PLease tell me if this is Hermaphrodite

    First time but im Pretty sure that these are sacs along with hairs. Please help me out and give me your opinion. Is it a hermie and if so are can i cut off the buds with them or just put plant in different room to not mess up o.ther one. Thanks in advance
  16. sbcomposer

    Gender - Any Guesses?

    Ive started a grow from seeds and am anxious to remove the males. These are just about 3 weeks now so may be too soon to tell?
  17. 420XX

    Do I have balls?

    I need some knowledgeable eyes. I think I've got myself a lil stud, unless if it just looks different for whatever reason - the preflowers seemed too elliptical to be balls, but alas I haven't seen any pistils forming. Take a look please.
  18. NoobieDoobieDoo

    Please help Noobie grow his Doobie Snacks.

    Hey all you cool cats and chill....chihuahuas...? I am currently about to switch my plants over to flowering. These are the first two I have ever grown. I can easily confirm one of them is female as she is loaded with beautiful little frosty hairs but the other seems to be a bit more stubborn...
  19. 7Ps


    Here to see what everybody thinks on the gender of this Plant
  20. S

    How to tell gender

    Hi, I have bought a pack of general seeds (I thought they were feminised) how old will the plants be before they show what sex they are and how can you tell the difference? The seeds are nirvana ice if that makes a difference. Cheers guys