1. Team Vault

    Kannabia MEGA Give-Away – Almost 30 prizes to be sent

    Hi folks, This time, we're bringing something big to you (please, avoid easy jokes). Our friends of Kannabia have provided us with goodies and freebies to share the love with the cannabis community. Normally, we're just raffling just a few prizes. This time, we're coming with 29 different...

    10 Prizes To Be Won In Chosen Seeds Summer Giveaway - Genetics From Barney's Farm & Anesia Seeds

    Greetings all! We are running a mammoth summer giveaway on our blog and would like to share the details of how you lovely folks can enter here on RollItUp. All you need to do is: - Simply comment below with which strain(s) you'd like to win from either Barney's Farm and/or Anesia Seeds. It's...
  3. Youngster420

    GeekBeast Pro 630 grow journal in 4x8

    What strain Destiny Farms - Yeiti - Braindead Jinxproof Genetics - Kismet - Bumblebud - Morning Vibes 2.0 DEMONIC GENETICS - Bannanna Punch - Mandarin cookies x Punch 2.0 - Pebblepusher IBL Method : Hydroponics, 8 site RDWC with chiller Vessels : Buckets, PH of Water : PPM/TDS : Indoor or...
  4. Grow Illumination

    Grow Illumination - FREE AF!! MGS100 LED Grow Light Giveaway

    Just because we like lights, we have a giveaway for our MGS100 LED light that you can find the info on here: Here are some details in case you don’t want to click: Premium Features Full Spectrum LM301B/H Samsung LEDs Modular Grow System...
  5. Spiderfarmerled

    Giveaway-Merry Christmas & Healthy New Year

    :leaf: Last Giveaway in 2020-Spider Farmer:leaf: Dear all, thanks for all your support in special 2020. Wish you and your family Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. The contest is open to growers from United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Russia and some Europe countries...
  6. HortiBloom

    HortiBloom 400W COB LED Grow Light Giveaway

    Hello everyone, we will provide 3 pcs of HortiBloom 400W cob led grow light giveaway for testing and grow journals, we will see tester's set up, previous threads and grow journals to decide the final testers. Here is the link of product for testing, we will refund after tester receive the...
  7. Spiderfarmerled

    Green Poison Autoflower. Day 105, grown under a Spider Farmer SF-1000.

    Do not miss Spider Farmer Giveaway, join us to win a free new SF 1000 Led Grow Light Link:
  8. MarsHydrofactory

    Day 70 from seed of White Critical Kush Automatic strain! Growing under Mars Hydro SP 25

    Day 70 from seed of White Critical Kush Automatic strain! Growing under Mars Hydro SP 250 Breeder : @clubriotseeds Nutrients : @bigplantscience Medium : Coco Professional Pot : 11L Pot Technique : Low Stress Training
  9. Vivantvape

    Merry Xmas wax/oil vaporizer giveaway

    Contest wax/oil vaporizer Vault giveaway 1xVault battery 2xVault cartridges (1pc oil, 1pc wax) How to enter: Subscribe to ViVANT newsletter, done that? You are in! Write your opinion under this post for a question: Do you prefer the oil vape pen with button or button free(draw initiated)...
  10. Geyapex Technology

    FREE Testing LUMA LED Grow Lights from Geyapex Technolgy

    Hello everyone, this is Robin from Geyapex Technology, recently we're to launch our newest LUMA series cob led grow lights, and before that, we hope to work with some professional growers to help us test our lights and help people know our lights better, so anyone who ever posted professional...