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  1. MedicGrow

    Grow Journal With Medic Grow LED Grow Lights

    Hello growers, this is Medic Grow LED :weed: :weed: This post will be a collection of grow journals with Medic Grow lights to help you guys know more about growing. We will keep updating! :clap::clap:
  2. brick20

    Brick20’s “The PERPETUAL Totes” Super Stealth

    Making a Grow Log !!! Follow along and enjoy the trip :weed: Strains: Seedmans: White Widow Dutch Passion: Purple # 1 Emerald Triangle: Critical Sour Diesel UpComing Strains: Barney’s Farm: Weeding Cake Barney’s Farm: Gorilla Zittles Barney’s Farm: Purple Punch Reserva Privada: Purple Wreck
  3. MedicGrow

    Medic Grow LED Grow Light Documentary Videos | Grow Journal Collection

    Hello guys, this is Medic Grow LED :weed: This post will be a documentary video collection of cannabis growing with Medic Grow LED to help you guys know more about growing. We will keep updating!:clap:
  4. GeMann

    White Widow Auto 2021

    Medium/grow method: soil- mix with fox farm ocean forest/fox farm happy frog. Added Organic Garden lime with soil mix Feed: and supplements used: Formula II (bud and bloom) from a local fertilizer company, worm castings and kelp meal water source: drip emitters , sprayers and hand watering...
  5. WintersBones

    Mars Hydro TS 1000 complete kit Wedding Cake grow journal

    Here we go! I'm going to document the unboxing, setup and inaugural run of this awesome new TS1000 70x70x120cm kit! courtesy of @MarsHydrofactory . :cool: And here it is! As you can see, it only just arrived! Unfortunately it's too late to set up tonight, we'll get...
  6. Dreminen169

    Candyman from Shoreline Genetics

    Candyman is sour grapes x Pakistani critical Kush & these are regular seeds so I will be taking clones & looking for a mother. I will remove the males, hopefully only 1 because I just planted 3 seeds (next run I will do a bigger pheno hunt) #3 was stunted from the start do to bad soil. I had to...
  7. WintersBones

    WintersBones Bud Basement

    Figured I should be taking more notes and tracking my progress more. I'll just be throwing up updates and notes here but feel free to chime in and offer advice or discussion or whatever! :bigjoint: This was my first journal and auto grow...
  8. Gtjoker420

    Mars Hydro Cup gtjoker420s weekly grow journal feel free to chime in with help or info

    This is my first grow so bear with me haha. Its day 10 above soil for the kush xl #1 and the GG4 #1. Day 8 above soil for the Kush xl #2 Day 3 for the gg4#3 and the bubblegum #2 All grown under a tsw2000 for now but upgrading to a fc3000 soon. 3x3 tent all autoflowers for this run. The laptop is...
  9. Spiderfarmerled

    12 Weeks Gelato Auto (FastBuds) Grow Journal

    Spider Farmer SF1000 LED Grow Light full grow journal. From seed to harvest. :bigjoint: Don't have space grow outdoor? Grow your own weed indoor with Spider Farmer kits. Best kits for first time indoor grower: Growing info Strain: Gelato Auto...
  10. Spiderfarmerled

    Seed to harvest-jacks321

    Strain: jacks321 Grow tent: 2.5"x2.5" Led Light: Spider farmer SF 1000 Product link: SF 1000 Led Coupon Code: SFRIU 2.13-Seed February17-Seed February 22-26 March 16-18 March 27-30
  11. Spiderfarmerled

    [Grow Journal] Spider Farmer SF1000 From Seed to Harvest

    Strain : 2 x Zkittlez Fem. LED Light:Spider Farmer SF1000 Tent: 60x60 cm tent
  12. djsnowman06

    !!Grow Your 4. Outdoor hydro!!

    Hey all. New grow year is upon us here in Newfoundland. I started these girls inside in jiffys, 3inch nets, and coffee mugs using kratky method. Seeds popped on may 6, this pic is may 15. On may 20 I started acclimating the youngsters to the outdoors. The wind here is fucked and in may...
  13. M

    Badazz OG Cheese-SCROG Attempt( not my first grow but advice wanted)

    Day 33 of Veg & Day 1 of Journal-07/01/20 Grow Media-Coco Coir/Perlite 40/60 Vegetative Light-Meizhi 300W (EBay Light) Flowering Light-HLG Qb 260W 3000k Trellis-3”x 3”Squares Veg Space-2’x 2’Tent Flower Space-3’x 3’Tent Nutrients-CNS17 Grow,Bloom,Ripe Extra Nutrients-Cal-mag,Molasses,Azomite...
  14. herer.iam

    Week 6 of Flowering - Cinderella 99 by Pacific Seed Bank (help!)

    I fed Cindy for the last time at week 4. The leaf tips are yellowing. I'm thinking it has a deficiency. I've read that the last time you feed it is at like 3-5 weeks of flower. I was wondering if I just let it use up all the rest of the nutrients or feed it again. I just want to make sure that I...
  15. herer.iam

    Week 3 of Flower - Cinderella 99 from Pacific Seed Bank (Cloning Day!)

    I'm a new grower and I just tried my hand at making a few clones off of Cindy here. I DIYed a little cloning station for them with a heat mat, some old plastic containers I poked holes in, some clear plastic cups to keep the humidity in, and a used metal trey. Hopefully I get successful clones...
  16. Michael Huntherz

    Huckleberry Meringue, PuTang, MAC1: 200 watts no veg DWC, 3x3

    Y’all please post in this grow journal, in contravention of the strange conventions of RIU. Some sort of a gram per watt not-scientific experiment. New flower run starting today with barely rooted clones, 12/12 starting tonight, as described in title. 2x Dynasty Huckleberry Meringue #11...
  17. WintersBones

    1st Auto Grow journal.

    Hey RIU, just looking for some feedback and constructive criticism, feel free to comment. This is just my 3rd grow ever, 1st serious attempt. just a diy grow room in my basement with limited funds. so nothing too fancy here. I'm picking it up a couple of weeks into flower. Let me know how you...
  18. Piper84

    Humboldt Seed Co Lemongrass and Notorious T.H.C.

    Good morning and salutations to everyone, would like to give feedback on these strains as they progress to finish. The skinny on the dets are as follows: 5’6”x 8’ room, 1-1k light, 2-16” hurricane oscillating wall mount fans, 1-8”fan and filter, have autopilot programmable humidistat, 6-13” pot...
  19. Sweetmesss

    Sweetmesss Noob tester basement bathroom indoor organic

    Wazzuuup **Helpful comments appreciated** This is my first time actually growing. (Not counting the closet grows growing up that got caught lol) I've always been into gardening So this is right up my alley. My goal is to have some quality medicine. So I started growing originally I think...
  20. Uk420Gorilla


    Hi RIU, New member here, 6th grow, 1st in decent space with actually controllable environment - PG240 tent, 2x 600watt HPS in cooltubes (started under 2x250cfl), 18ltr pots (started the seeds directly in the finishing pots) with Bio-Bizz All Mix, oil heater for night-time temps, Bio-Bizz Grow...