grow room setup

  1. A

    Help me get the best out of the stuff i have!

    Hi everyone, This can be a fun challenge for the more experienced growers on this forum I need help rearranging my grow tent. I recently moved my two plants from a 2x2 into a 4x4, but almost everything i had was built for a 2x2 tent from, lights to fans, Etc.. I am week 4 into flowering, but i...
  2. N

    Need some advice on my set up ( garage )

    Hi, so recently I’ve had to move my set up into the garage it’s now hitting temps of 6 degrees Celsius during the day. I’m in a 1m squared tent using led’s so not getting much heat from them, I want to put a heater in my tent but seems abit pointless as I currently have the tent set up with an...
  3. ThatBoyZooted

    Converting My 4x6 Closet

    Ive been looking into doing this for a while, and once i finish my current grow (has at least a month left) in my 3x3 id like to start working on changing my entire closet into a grow room/area . Dimensions : 4 foot wide x 6 feet deep , with a 7 foot ceiling but it slants down to about 4 feet as...
  4. newyorkheadrush

    grow room set up

    hey guys am a total Newbie at growing.i have this project am putting together and am looking for help setting it up.thanks in Advance!!:weed: strains-4different photoperiods from Humboldt seeds Room size -8*12 plants bet -20-30 Pot sizes -7g fabric pots or 5 ?? Lights - (4) 1000w de cmh for...
  5. M

    Big Room - Trying to figure best place for intake / exhaust

    So I have a 9 x 22 x 7 basement I will be setting up in the coming weeks ... Most likely two 4 x 4 or 5 x 5 flood tables, but my main question concerns my intake and exhaust fans. I'm not sure where I should put them. Eventually the entire 9 x 22 part of the basement will be covered in panda...
  6. P

    Multi Room setup

    Hello fellow growers I have just started New grow op and i have all ready set it up 1st Tent is 2,4x1,2m x2m In there i have 3x 70litre dwc 2 plant system, tent has regular stucco reflectors 2x 600w 2k Solistek hps (When i switch this tent on 4tent cycle this Will have 2x600w 10k and 1x 600w 2k...
  7. D

    Need help with room design

    Hi, How many plants I can fit in a 6L x 3W mtr space? I need to leave a walkway to reach to every plant. Thamks.
  8. FirstTimeGrwrLngTmSmkr

    New setup help

    16'x18'x7.5' room with( 2) open doors leading into s basement/garage area (1) window I've painted walls with flat white paint buying a ventilation kit tomorrow with a 998cfm or higher airflow Also picking up panda film for the open doorways. Setup the 5x15 scrog netting. Im trying to figure out...
  9. FirstTimeGrwrLngTmSmkr

    Ventilation system recommendation

    My grow space is a garage/ that's 15.5'x17.5'x7.5'. the room has two open doorways and one window. I'm working on preparing it for about 6 to 12 clones. I'm going to be using 4 Phantom CMh315 reflectors..the walks are painted white. Not much moisture, My inexperience caused my WPM...
  10. F

    budget LED grow light for first indoor growing

    Hi my fellow growers,just about to start my own indoor grow,hope to try LED,what led would you suggest to me?Maybe start with 3-5 plants. Plz help!!!Thank you guys in advance.
  11. Jamesbong96

    Question on properly ventilating my room.

    I'm currently in a 9x11 room trying to run 2 1000w HID Through Magnum XXL Reflector 6" with a window on the wall farthest from the door that I was planning on ventilating out through a piece of plywood, the right duct collar, and weather stripping. The fan I'm using is a hurricane 6" fan. My...
  12. L

    Wilma XL 5 Pot in 1.2x1.2x2.0 tent?

    Hey guys, newbie here. I'm torn between the 4 pot wilma and XL 5 pot. I would rather go for the 5 pot but the dimensions of that system is 1150 x 1150, so that only leaves 50mm from the resevoir to the side walls of the tent (1200 x 1200), which seems rather tight for the plants. Do you...
  13. ogsmoker24

    Ideas for improving my 6ftX6ft growing space

    hey guys, I'm new to this forum but not to the forum community in general, so I'll start off by saying that I've had a few decent crops/harvests under my belt with minimal,cheap equipment so far but as of recently I've upgraded to two a-wing adjustable reflectors,2xlumii 600w digital/dimmable...
  14. BowHunter666

    Deciding on best method HELP

    So let me explain my setup I have a 2x4x5 Apollo tent 400 watt mh/ hps dimmable with cool tube 4 inch inline with carbon filter Two 6 inch oscillate fans 120mm cpu fan just blowing around for added flow My question to you good people is with that size tent what would be better a SOG or a...
  15. BowHunter666

    Would like to start some bigger clones

    I have a plant that got stunted from some very cold weather and crazy temps. If I wack some of the lowers off and try to root them but I have a couple questions first 1.) will they grow just as slow as the mother plant? 2.) can I use party cups with peat moss or peatplugs in a small dish. 3.)...
  16. Green__Zer0

    Grow Room Setup, Help

    I'm going to start a grow room soon and would like some advice. Is it possible to use the materials below in a typical 8h x 15L x 11w bedroom with 4x4 tent. Bedroom temps are around 70-80 summer and winter. Pics of room are below. I will be exhausting out a 2nd story window, and intake will...