1. T

    BigIsland DIY Greenhouse.

    I had a long ass paragraph introducing myself and giving some of my background but I somehow deleted it! Smh. Fuck! So this is gonna be much shorter. How's it goin everyone? I've recently moved back to Hawaii and live on the Hilo/Puna side of the big island. I've been reading and doing some...
  2. C

    Growing Purple Kush in Hawaii

    Hi guys, I’m thinking about trying to grow some Purple Kush from seeds on the Big Island. I’ve done real well with other strains. Anyone have any experience on the Big Island with Purple Kush?
  3. R

    Visitors to Hawaii Will Soon Access Medical Dispensaries

    Visitors to Hawaii will soon be granted access to medical marijuana dispensaries. This is a key provision in HB2729 and was hard fought for by Hawaii's medical marijuana dispensaries. Dispensaries owners report receiving calls and emails daily from mainland visitors that want to know how they...
  4. White boy in hawaii

    B-dub Genetics hash cookies and frosted cookies

    aloha every one im also known as b-dub808 the creator of B-dub Genetics over on IG and iv been breeding a bunch of new strains but this journal is for my new hash cookies and frosted cookies i made. Hash cookies lineage is my personal strain ugly hash plant x CS girl scout cookies and frosted...
  5. White boy in hawaii

    B-dub Genetics goat cookies

    Aloha every one im also known as b-dub808 the creator of B-dub Genetics over on IG. This will be a journal to test my new strain goat cookies i woll be popping then in a few weeks this is just to get a head start on my journal. Heres the seeds i separated from the plant material today
  6. J

    I ran from an eradication helicopter [my story]

    Hi guys. Hope this is appropriate, I took a look at the different forums and figured this would be the best place to post it. Hawaii has a long history of guerrilla growing - it was heavy during the late 80's, growers were pulling hundred pound plus years in sugar cane fields, and their life was...
  7. Da kine Grow


    I'm not a beginner nor am I a expert. This will be my 5th grow and It's a little different then my last 4. Moved to a new location and can't really have a veg/clone area in my house. I talked to a long time grower that does his veg outdoor. He was a timer on his spot light over his plants(about...
  8. guido420

    Oahu Free The Plant event on 21 May.....

    Peace everyone. Putting the word out for those that don't know. Smokey's and Hawaii Cannabis Care is putting on another event for our herb. Also presenting the awards for the Hawaii Cannabis Challenge 2016....but just don't call it a cup....
  9. guido420

    Hawaii Cabinet Growing

    Alrighty guys and gals,being semi new to the indoor stealth stuff I figured I would start this up for all 808 indoor growers.I know, I know. Why when we live in a constant outdoor paradise? Well, not all of us can put the girls outside, or hike up a yama to grow. So here we go...... I am in...