1. JMallgren


    I ordered Runtz feminized seeds from 4 different breeders. I germinated them and finally, selected 10 different mothers, grew them up, and starting taking cuttings when they were ready to be taken. Every single one of them, after two weeks into flower, started showing 2-4 pollin sacs on an...
  2. kingjackpot23

    HelppAre these what I think they are (nanners, Hermie)?

    So I'm going through my garden last night and I noticed something different that I've never saw before. This is my third round and I had a dosi doe seed from a oz I had bought from a shop. I'm about 3 weeks in. I separated it when I saw the first one about 4 days ago. The strange thing is a few...
  3. Broz710

    New to growing, are these pollen sacks?

    Hey everyone, I’m just starting out growing. I’m worried about the pod looking things under the bud sites. I looked online and most pollen sacks structure looks a little different than what I’m talking about, but I wanted to confirm with you guys. Did my plant hermie or is this normal for a...
  4. W

    Is this a male or hermie?

    Long time lurker, first time poster. I started my first set of plants about 2 months back and started the flowering phase around 2 weeks ago. I noticed that one plant was growing much quicker and producing some weird looking buds (I believe they are pollen sacs). I am fairly confident that it is...
  5. Thomaspace00

    are this males ?

    they are seeds from a hermie auto flower plant have 10 plants they are 1 week 2 days into flower 5 plants have pistols but these dont need some help to nkow if they are males and how much time does a male need to polinate my other plants ?
  6. H

    Hermie help

    Hey guys, i have this white widow plant grown from a femanized seed. It's about 2 weeks into the flowering process and i just can't tell if this a hermie or not. My other plant i can see the pistols clearly. Note that the bud sites in these pictures are how every single one of them look
  7. B

    Help what is this? Has my plant hermied?

    How to tell if my plant has hermied? These look a lot like a seed to me or am I mistaken?
  8. J

    Hermie plants

    I've been having a difficult time with my plants becoming hermies in early bloom. I've got two ladies right now that have showed what looks like balls but could be early formed leaf, not to sure. Has anyone successful kept a hermie at bay during the flower process and got good bud? I have the...
  9. G

    Question about browning stigma early in flower?

    Hello all, first time poster here but have learned so much from this forum popping up in google searches. So my plant is about 15 days since flip, and is showing browning stigmas at the tips. I read on this forum that this is often a sign of hermie/pollinated plant but couldn’t find more info...
  10. F

    Hermie seed grow

    So I grew a Ghost Toof auto from Mephisto Genetics last year and as I was still fairly clueless at that point and didn't have my tent dialled in I ended up with bud full of seed, fucking hundreds of them! I didn't try to do it, didn't use colloidal silver it was just plain old bad growing...
  11. Broccoli__Robb

    Identifying a hermie.

    First run. I saw something today that I didn't want to see... balls. Would love a second opinion. Is this a Hermie?
  12. G

    Week 6 banners - hermie

    Hi guys, Boobies grower. Got some nice looking ladies that have done really well up till week 6 where I have noticed a couple bananas on one Haven't had any real issues that could have caused stress. The only thing thatI have changed in the past week was replacing two of the 600w hps for two...
  13. S

    Could you please help whether this is female

    Sorry for my ignorance I am a first timer. I’m a week into flowering and was just wondering if this is how a female is meant to start flowering. The seedlings were from a female mother plant however went through a few stresses with mites and fan burn and also a few weeks in I had a normal light...
  14. Y

    Is this will be Hermie?? or just male. Please help

    Hey guys.! Have a good day . This is my first grow. :D I'm growing bagseed. A lot of seeds came out from bud, which is not of bad bud quality. I hope it's hermie. 5 weeks have passed for veg, and 10 days have passed since the lighting was changed to 12 hours. All of my 6 trees have some small...
  15. Ukulele Haze

    Wonka Bars Bagseed Hermie Harvest

    Strain: Wonka Bars (Exotic Genetix) Type: Sativa Dom. (70 / 30) Flower Time: 60-70 Days THC level of source flower: 27% Soil: Organic PROMIX Nutrients: FoxFarm Trio, Molasses Light: "600W" Blurple, Switched to Mars Hydro TSW 2000 on Week 5 of Flower. Training: Topped Twice, LST, Defoliation...
  16. D

    HELP, I have ran into a huge issue and need your opinion!

    Well this sucks ..... Hey so I have a massive issue in my grow and would like to know what you would do... I have 8 plants in flower. 4 plants at the start of week 6 and 4 at the end of week 2 (these ones have just started to show a few pistols). While checking them last night I noticed seeds...
  17. Lagged

    Is this one of them hermit crab plants?

    Unfortunately, while the other 10 females are raging bitches with pistils flying all over the place, this one is not. We noticed a few of these...we'll say balls.. had white pistils coming out of the middle. Thought maybe it was a late bloomer. A couple of days later, no real progression on...
  18. backyard kiwi

    Hermie or what?!

    Hi everyone, So this plant is early into week 2 Flowering, however, despite showing pistils as first sign of sex it’s now showing these as well: Are these male preflowers, or just underdeveloped calyx. Thanks in advance. - BK
  19. E

    Possible hermies issue.Mr Nice Super Silver Haze

    Hi People. First time growing from regular seeds.In the search for great mother plant i have planted 33 seeds and so far 17 of them turned out to be males.Few other ones apart from pre flowers with hairs shown something else. Is that hermie or some sort of regular seeds type of thing?I know it...
  20. Alazzzar

    could tips of leaf point out of buds?

    Could tips of leaf point out of buds without it being nanners?