1. Kipkib

    Blue dream week 7 of flowering

    Here is my blue dream. Week 7 of flowering am excited being it's mu first attempt.
  2. HydrizzalE

    Supplementary nutrients

    So I’m gonna us general hydroponics for my main nutrients. I also plan on using calmag and I have hydro guard for root protection. Anything else I should pick up before hand or is the basic three + 2 good enough?
  3. K

    Controlling smell without tent

    For my indoor DWC grow I'm opting to go no tent. I see most people use carbon filters to deal with the smell. Can these work for open spaces? I expect she'll start gettin smelly soon so I'm wondering what would be the best way to handle it. I'm growing legally in an apartment, I could leave a...
  4. S

    How do I get better results?

    Hi guys, I finished my first grow some time ago. It was a Barneys Farm Purple Punch Auto which yielded me about 90g in a 10L pot. I am pretty happy with the yield as it was my first grow but I was not happy with the quality. The buds had great color but they were very airy even the biggest ones...
  5. G

    Should I start over or not ?

    It’s been 2 weeks, they’ve all been growing minimally. 2 of them more then then the other 2. My problem is that they’re auto flowers and they just don’t seem to be growing much...maybe it’s bad genetics..... idk...but I’m also thinking maybe the grow space shouldn’t be wasted on these plants...
  6. S

    Is it time to flush?

    It’s week 7 4 days in, I feed it once every two days. So should I feed them one more time in two days and then start flushing? How long should I flush for, I’m using nutrients and promix. Looks like they just stopped sprouting new hairs and most of the hairs are more reddish now.
  7. C

    Blue berry gushers 1 gallon pot

    3 clones I made Fox Farm soil 1 gallon pots Yield 5 1/2 oz
  8. TXskunkKush

    Barney’s Farm Purple Punch Auto + Sour Diesel Auto

    3x Barney Farms Purple Punch Auto 3x 207 Genetics Sour Diesel Auto 600w Vivosun MH in cool tube 50/50 Roots organic Lush & FF Light Warrior Bottom 1/3 100% LUSH 5G fabric pots 65% RH . . . 72°-82° 6” acinfinity intake & exhaust FOX FARM NUTES Big Bloom Grow Big Tiger Bloom Micro Microbe Brew...
  9. G

    Re- Germ Auto Seeds ?

    So recently, I germed autos and planted them outside in pots (taproots were just outside of their shells) but they don’t seem to have been doing any growing within the past couple of days. I scooped them up and attempting to germinate them to a more developed tap root and start them inside. Good...
  10. L

    Hi! I'm getting ready for the regulation in my country, Could you recommend me books to read?

    I want to enter to the cannabis growing, specially indoor. But im looking for ALOT of information to make things right, and when the day come, i would be prepared. Could you recommend me any book that helps in general ALL, I have heard that The Cannabis Grow Bible: The Definitive Guide to...
  11. kolect

    First DWC grow with top feed lines!

    Equipment: 2' x 4' tent ViparSpectra P2000 200W Full Spectrum LED AC Infinity Cloudline T4 Inline Fan 17 GAL reservoir with six 3" net pots (only using 5 net pots and 10 gal of water) 12 GAL top off reservoir connected to main res via float valve (not using until plants mature) Air pump...
  12. Grow Tester

    VANQ LED GLMX720 and Purple Punch & Pineapple Express #2 test

    Hello folks :) I have grown for around 14years starting the HPS and last few years has been with quantum boards with the LM301h.Iam now testing a bunch of new stuff and would love to hear if you guys have any mthing you want to see tested :) I have made a new grow room and got a beautiful light...
  13. Jhef

    S.O.S. Powdery Mildew 2 days before harvest

    Day 56 and I see some beginning spots of PM. Was putting off buying a dehumid for another room since temps are getting hot and It screwed me. Went and got proper dehumid needs today. What do I do? I just put them into darkness for 48hr. Should I spray them with an h202 mix? Should I wash...
  14. 1

    Buds don’t seem to be bulking up?

    My mimosa is in week 8 of flowering and there hasn’t seemed to be much weight being put on and nothings really changed in past 3 weeks.
  15. UncleFat-Nug

    Fresh air in Grow room or is AC unit fine?

    I have a grow that I have no out side air coming in only Mini spilt a.c. bringing my cold air in ,Dehumidifier , fans and inline fan removing air. I have good negative pressure so my room is pretty air tight. Do you need fresh air coming in? I have not had any problem with my grows . I was...
  16. S

    Poppies under indoor light

    These are my p.som started growing 2 months ago, they seem very slow in there growth could anyone give me and tips ? are the larger ones over crowded?
  17. D

    Are these close to being done?

    As the title says, looking for direction on when these will be ready for harvest. Each strain is supposed to an be 8-11 week flowering period. Tomorrow ends week 9, and not sure even the 8 week strain is done yet. In here I have: Barneys strawberry lemonade Gdp granddaddy purple Barneys...
  18. isaiasaquino

    Thinning Stem - Prayer Plant

    Hi! i currently have a prayer plant that i just repotted—and i noticed that half of its stem was basically down in the soil. i moved it up, and now the stem won’t hold the plant together (the bottom is quite thin). it keeps drooping and i don’t know if i should repot it again, or if i should...
  19. bellyofthebest

    PPFD for Vegetative state

    I’ve read a bunch of scholar journals proving Cannabis flowering excels at PPFD of 1500 even past 1800+ indoors. What I can’t seem to find is conclusive evidence on ideal veg ppfd numbers. At the moment I’m running 3 week old clones with 300-550 ppfd planning on 900 for veg once they have some...
  20. Codeman34

    Can anyone solve this mystery for me.

    So I got a question, I was growing two cherry gar see ya strain by Ethos genetics. They did really good I got maybe 9-10 oz from two plants which seems good to me but when I pulled the plants out of the pots the roots just wasn’t there it was super compact and the roots was small and everywhere...