1. F

    Hello! My first indoor grow feminized White widow 6 weeks now Will try scrog any advice?

    Hello first post and my first indoor grow feminized White widow 6 weeks since sprout. Tent size is 1x1m and im using astrix 300watt led lights(i think the lights are shit) I have already topped once and i'm thinking if i should top again in order to fill the scrog net. Also i hurt on of the...
  2. athlete420

    3000 watt Ak47 cross white widow, (kalishkanov) greenhouse seeds.

    Ak47 x white widow Kalishkanov by ghs. 100% coco, cyco premium ISN nutients Started seeds october 15th of november. Neglected rough start. Were stunted in really small pots. Transplanted from cheap hardware store pine bark soil, into coco, 7 days ago. I couldnt even see a root when i...
  3. SaHt420

    Apple Betty led grow 300w

  4. T


    White Widow Black Sugar Blueberry How should I grow these indoor? And should I transfer them to soil soon ? Also what’s the best way to get the strongest yield from these beauties ?
  5. jonconk84

    Top Half Of GolfLeaf Harvested Today!

    Harvested close to 500 grams today off just my Main Colas and some of the smaller buds. Gonna give lower branches another week to Ripen. Got Dryroom set to 68 degrees F and 55% RH. Wet trimmed. Im happy with the yield expect to get 7 oz cured Super Dense Frosty Nugs. Very happy with this newer...
  6. D

    School me on your lighting experience

    Fellow growers. What's happening! As energy costs continue to rise, I am finally starting to think about a lighting change. I've always run hortilux mh and hps. Typically one 600 watt and one 1000 watt in a 4x8 tent using magnum XXL low pro hoods. I love the setup... I usually pull down roughly...
  7. D

    Vegetables with weed - indoor

    Fellow growers what's happening! Getting ready for another indoor run and considering adding a jalepeno and poblano plant to the room with 5 lovely ladies. Curious if you all grow anything other than bud in your indoor tents? What are your favorites?
  8. JCMT98

    Quick Question...

    Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to read this. I would like to ask a very simple question. Say one wanted to increase the CO2 in their tent the main ways are yeast/co2 bag etc... Would one be able to use dry ice as an alternative? Just a thought and I would like to hear your opinions.
  9. Ayedum

    12 Cola Indoor Mainline Grow

    Hey guys new to this site, but on I’ve been on here enough I figured I’d make an account and post my grow. Doing my first mainlining grow, wanted to bring it to 16 colas, but I just snapped a branch off doing some LST when I was up to 4 colas. I didn't have any good tape lying around at the time...
  10. Growin4fun77

    First grow…. Is it time to cut and hang

    Hey friends… newbie here looking for input. This is a grow that came from a bag seed I started nonchalantly. I watered with distilled all along but have learned a bit here and there along the way and still have a lot to learn. It’s been fun. This said she has been through hell transitioning...
  11. DrOgkush

    My everything journal @“&$ it

    I don’t like posting much of my own because trolls thrive of new journals. But fuck it. Idc anymore. All my friends share and don’t care what anyone says. Why should I. I’m sitting on around 23 indoor and 25 outdoor. Ima just post pics of where I’m at, and update as I go. Talk shit if you want...
  12. VikTheViking

    An autoflower that won't flower

    Hey, folks! Almost 10 weeks ago, I set up a 2x2 tent to run an Autoflower (Green Gelato from Royal Queen Seeds). I chose this strain as RQS said it should finish in approx 9 weeks after sprouting - but here I am at the end of week 9 and the plant just keeps exploding in veg. I started using...
  13. H

    My first grow! Bag seeds - Chronic Mint Tart

    Hello! This is my first thread on RIU, and I’m excited to share my first grow as it is today. I germinated 12 bud bag seeds from an ounce of CHRONIC MINT TART 50/50 Hybrid What a strain to get accidental seeds from! Since germinating, I realized I’ll need to register for a grow license and did...
  14. Scrog-Pro

    Scrog-Pro™ Trellis Systems for Grow Tents | 20% OFF SALE ALL MONTH!

    Hey everyone! We're having a special 20% OFF Sale for the entire month of August! You don't want to miss out on this one! ;) Now's the chance to get a BIG discount off all of our Scrog Nets only on our website! You can check 'em out here. Here's the discount code to get 20% off: AUG20 And...
  15. BigMoistDaddy

    Leaf burn near end of harvest. Should I be Worried?

    I’m assuming it’s either nutrient burn or light burn. Im using led lighting. 4 separate sf1000. White widow. I only have four more weeks till harvest
  16. Scrog-Pro

    Scrog-Pro™ - The Most Advanced Scrog Nets on the Market

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to introduce our brand here on Rollitup. :mrgreen: We are Scrog-Pro™ and we make the most advanced Scrog trellis systems for grow tents available on the market. Our Story... Founded in 2017, we've been a proud family-owned, small business in the cannabis industry...
  17. laionkingsize

    1000W HPS autoflower grow Moby Dick XXL DAY 30

    Im growing in a 4x4 room using 1000w hps light i have 12 moby dick auto xxl they are still in veg i have them in 6 gallon pots, im still trying to learn so every advice you guys got please give it to me its my first time growing indoor im a soil grower.
  18. BigMoistDaddy

    My first grow. I’ll be transiti

    Started out with a twin seed and was later able to separate and plant
  19. I

    To prune or not to prune?

    I am 32 days into a GG4 auto indoor grow, maybe 2-3 weeks into vegetation. I am curious if I should prune leaves that are covering newer smaller leaves and branches that have began to show in the last week. These new stems and leaves all around the plant(up and down), I just caught a picture of...
  20. FPVGrow

    Hydroponic Gorilla Glue Grow

    I'm currently growing 2 Gorilla Glue #4 (F) which is Sour Dubb X Chocolate Diesel. It’s a Feminized Sativa strain that is said to flower in 49-63 days (7-9weeks). One was started 4/2(Uno), and the other 5/13(Dos). I'm growing using hydroton using Canna Aqua Vega & Flores for nutrients. I plan to...