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    VIVOSUN Cyber Monday Giveaway

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  2. HydroKid239

    Mars Hydro 6” fan & filter combo kit unboxing & set up.

    I ordered a bigger exhaust because my space has grown a little. My last grow using a 4” ac infinity in a 34” x 60” x 83” tent.. it needed to be turned up too higher than I’d like to scrub the air well. This time I’m in a 48” x 48” x 78” tent, so I got a 6” fan with a controller knob. Tho it...
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    VIVOSUN Grow Tent Kit Sale--Save Up to $86 Off

    VIVOSUN 48"X48"X80" Grow Tent Complete Kit With VS4000 LED Grow Light Sale You will save up to $86 off to get VIVOSUN Grow Tent Kit with Latest VIVOSUN Led Grow Light. Landing page:
  5. SBBCal

    THC potetency

    like the title says , looking for a decent tester that won’t blow the budget. This one is ok but wanted more insight if someone has tried it.. thanks :joint:
  6. Greenhobbiest

    Anyone used Test4kits to test THC and CBD content?

    Hey guys has anyone used the thc and cbd test kits to measure there buds for cbd percentage? Here’s their website Keen to get feedback if they are accurate. Cheers
  7. Tito#1

    Should i buy this???

    Im planning on getting a 4×4 tent will thist work? thanx for the help also is this kit easy to build i don't have any experience with soldering...