1. G


    My girls are 36 day old I notice they were looking tired this morning before lights off,so i watered them a little bit (in 3 Gal fabric pots), I was looking droopy leaves online and ran across this thing called "circadian rhythm" and plants really have this. lights off at 11:00am, on at 5:00pm I...
  2. D

    Discoloration, curled leaves

    I've noticed that 1 branch has discolored and curled leaves. Should I be concerned?
  3. Armyofsprout

    What’s wrong with my plant?

    I’m in soil, strain is bagseed but the leaves are narrow and thin. I’m in week 3-4 of flower. Using fox farm trio nutes and Tap water
  4. V


    First time defoliating heavy, I got carried away and pulled wrong leaves improperly. Have I ruined my harvest ?
  5. D

    Leaves crossing fingers

    I’ve been feeding & watering @ a ph of 6.1-6.8 and I have not fed in 2 waterings cuz the ppm/EC was a lil high around 1300 ppm. the runoff is around 6.7 and going in it was 6.2. The run off ppm is just above 420ppm. My tent is 80 F day and 70 night. RH stays around 50-60 day and goes to maybe...
  6. smokeanyone

    Dropping leaves advice please

    Anyone have any input wether these have been overwatered or under watered these girls have been giving me a massive head ache! So these plants are 4 weeks old from Clone I transplanted them into 15ltr/3.5gal pots about 2 weeks ago I watered them in upon transplant only watering the outside...
  7. K

    Help flowering plant 4 weeks into it and she looks sick!!!

    Hi yhere I have a 4 week old female that is in nature’s care organic and natural soil mix, she has banana tea for potassium, the rest of the nutes are general hydroponic due to not having the natural resources for natural nutes. regardless my bud sites look amazing but the fan leaves look sick...
  8. P

    Cant recognize this problem guys (leaf discoloration) marijuana

    First it started with 1 leaf then its kinda spreading How do i stop it ? Have attached some pictures ;)
  9. S

    Bigger leaves yellowing

    Hello everyone, and thanks in advance for any insight or opinion. I've been growing this Mandala Seeds White Bhutanese, in soil, for 3 months now, and she's been flowering for about 25 days. I didn't feed her anything on the vegetative months, and I started on a lower doses, and the last feeding...
  10. J

    What’s wrong with my plants?

    Just curious as to what this issue looks like to you guys. It’s in ffof soil and I’ve just started giving it half doses of the big bloom and grow big nutrients from fox farm last week. Just mixing that in with a teaspoon of cal mag in my distilled water gallon jugs. I’m assuming it can’t be an...
  11. M

    Leaves light green lime colour

    These 2 pics are both of the plant. I am growing the strain chocolope by Sonoma seeds, I'm located just about 30 minutes north of Hamilton, ON, CA. They are in 10 gal pots and started to flower August 3rd, I feed them about once week very little. I have 4 plants and all of them including this...
  12. V

    My first grow DWC problems. HELP!!!

    This is my first attempt at growing. I'm using the DWC method because it works better with my busy schedule. Here is my setup: 4x4 tent Maxsisun pb4000 800 watt light Led color 3500k, 6500k, 660nm Ac 8,000bcu and heater with controller Humidifier and dehumidifier with controller 2 6" fans at...
  13. C

    Help black patches on leaves

    Hey guys need your assistance again growing an autoflower plants have noticed some black on a few leaves its 15 days from when it popped up so haven't been giving it any nutrients as of yet(planned to start nutes in week 3) grown in canna terra professional soil so soil ph is 6.0 by default ive...
  14. E

    I have very skinny leaves

    Can anyone help figure out what could be causing skinny leaves like these? My plant is about two months old, I have been tipping. Also I think I may have removed too many fan leaves, would that make future fan leaves skinny? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  15. I

    HELP NEEDED: Leaves turning yellow and whitish spots started appearing

    Hi, I use biotabs fertiliser (shown in picture), keep the temperature around 28.5 and humidity at 50. I watered them every 2 days and put around 1l of water (until it soaks through to the bottom) Recently two of the plants' leaves started turning yellow with white/beige spots appearing and I'm...
  16. K

    Week 5 flower, WHEN TO FLUSH?

    Hello all, After doing hours of research, I cannot decide whether “flushing”(providing the plant with phed water no nutes) is benificial. Because these plants are bag seed, I do not know the estimated flower time. This is my first grow, I would say 10% of trichombs on sugar leaves are amber...
  17. T

    Electric trimmers ...

    Anyone got an electric trimmer? min the UK they range from 250- 20,000. im looking for something under 2000 if it’s sensible. Thanks
  18. N

    Leaves turning completely yellow

    Hi, what’s up so first i’m growing outdoors and i’m in week 2 of veg and i’m using cocopeat + perlite + dirt + leaf dirt? (i don’t know what its called) and a little bit of organic fert, the plants are getting direct sunlight most of the day (in a field), temperature is 80 to 87 at day and 75...
  19. K

    Top leaves yellowing?

    Hi guys, this is my first grow and I’m starting to get concerned after I noticed some of the new leaves on my fem W.W. turning bright green. I have never seen them like this before. I flipped her into 12/12 two days ago, and checked on her today after I heard the light go on only to see this...
  20. P

    What toxicity is this?

    Hi! The new leaves of my plant look weird! The old ones are really dark mayne nitrogen toxicity Im not sure! Can you guys please help me? Cheers:weed: